How you can change your appearance without surgery, needles or makeup.. on a Budget!


This may sound cray-cray by the end of the post but it has been scientifically proven now that it is possible.

Do you want to change the shape of your nose… Do you want to change you body shape… Do you have creepy hands or anything you want to change but don’t want to spend thousands of bucks or go under the knives.

Well you are about to take a lot in so just along with it first…

Humans have always wanted to achieve what they desire but didn’t know where to start or thought it was too much effort or money.

Our brains have evolved in such a way over millions of years that today, we can materialize anything we want. So let’s say you wanted clear, beautiful skin (this is a beauty blog after all). You can achieve this with your one and only Mind i.e your thoughts. And it is not some mumbo jumbo because then I would have never done this post since people wouldn’t believe it and say it’s crap! It is proved by the Quantum Physics!

The greatest people in the world have used this method to achieve what they want including Einstein, Aristotle, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Hitler and many more…

The Science behind it:

Some people call it law of attraction or power of thoughts or spirituality and the science calls it Quantum Physics. I will try to make it sense to you (wish me luck).

The Quantum physics says that nothing (no matter) is real in terms of its “solidity” and permanence. Everything changes in constant motion. Whatever we see in this physical world is just patterns of energy in form of waves. This energy changes when it is observed by a conscious energy (i.e a person). Our consciousness effects physical world i.e. our mind effects the matter.
So what happens is when we have a thought, we are sending frequencies to the outer world which we call the Universe. These frequencies go out and gets “attracted” to similar frequencies and hence creating it into reality.

According to Dr. Taylor (Ph.D author of Decoding the Law of Attraction), to put the thought into action so it can become reality, you must visualize or envision what you want. These visions set up frequencies to get a response from the Universe to create reality. And when we are visualizing, we must feel the emotions of happiness, excitement etc.. that we would have if we had things we wanted. These feelings trigger the frequencies.

This is why we should monitor our thoughts and keep the ones we prefer. These thoughts when combined with images and feelings and focused on triggers the frequencies that will attract similar frequencies of Universe and create reality.
It took me a lot of researching, hair-pulling and over-reading to actually understand the science behind it. But it makes sense to me now.

Did I ever try it and Did it work?
Yes actually I have tried it so many times and most of the times it worked.

I tried it for my driver’s licence, my final exams in 12th grade and when I needed some money (and trying on some things now as well)
For my 12th grade exams I got an average of 83% which was shocking to me because I NEVER got anything above 75%. So I am very grateful for that.

Personal Story:
When I was younger, I always wanted to be more attractive physically and personality wise. But I was full of insecurities and my first few high school years weren’t the typical fun and out going days. There were some people who made me feel very bad so as I grew up I wanted to change how I feel about myself. I wanted to make myself stronger so I can deal with those kinda people and I wanted to feel beautiful inside-out. 

And when I discovered this whole world of creating your own reality I cried first… literally because I realized there was hope for me that I can change my life for good and it will be in my hands. So I followed these steps and it was a pretty enlightening journey. I learnt a lot along the way. 

I honestly can say that I am a very different person now than I was a year ago. When I look in the mirror I do feel that I am beautiful because I never point out my flaws and feel in-secured. And not being vain but even some of my friends noticed there was something about me that changed and they always tell me I look pretty or something. I have been proposed by so many guys which would be impossible to even think during my first few years in high school. When I changed how I thought about myself positively, I noticed so many differences like: my skin has cleared up completely, my eyes are brighter and healthier… I don’t even need to style my hair and I get more compliments on my natural hair… my body feels energetic and my metabolism is amazing even if I eat junk food (only sometimes) I don’t gain any weight. 

I have read so many stories of people who followed this “law of attraction” and changed their lives.
Some people:

  • cured obesity and cancer 
  • became models/celebrities
  • became rich and wealthy
  • achieved their dreams 
  • found their life partners
  • changed their eye colour.. or nose shape.. or shape of their bodies
  • travelled the world
  • won lotteries etc…

Here is a link where you can read those thousands of stories by people across the world:

How Exactly does this Law work:
I suggest you read books or watch movies on it to learn it in more detail but here I will tell you some basic things that worked for me.Lets say you want clear, beautiful skin…

1) Positive thoughts/ Affirmations: even if your skin is filled with acne, find something… anything… that’s positive like: I am healing my skin and it is healthy. Say this to yourself out-loud (when no one is around or else you will look cray-cray) or say it while looking at yourself in the mirror. Don’t just say it once and then go back to negatives… say it or at least think about it as many times you can. This will help build up that positive frequency.

2) Visualize and Feel: Be creative with this. As children we used to have crazy imaginations but as we grew up we thought it was childish and stupid. But one of the greatest man on Earth ALWAYS said “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere” ~ Einstein. So imagine whatever you want. In this case imagine you are with your friends or just outside and you feel so confident in your own skin that people come up to you and give you compliments. You can draw or paint whatever you want. You can do anything to increase your imagination power. When you are visualizing you have to feel what it would be like to have that beautiful clear skin. Ask yourself how would I feel if I had this or that and then heighten those feelings. This will trigger the frequencies you produced in the first step to go out into the Universe and attract similar frequencies.

3) Giving: Always have the giving nature that every human has. If you want more money then you have to give money first. Give it to charity or something. Have you ever heard “what you sow is what you reap” or the word karma…? Well this is the whole point. You need to give something first in able to receive. You can’t be like… oh I will give when I get first because that’s where you fail. You have to prove that you are worthy of the thing you are asking for. So if you want clear skin then compliment someone. It doesn’t have to be physical giving. It could be prayers, gifts, compliments… anything in your power. 

4) Believe: You need to get rid of the doubts like: but how is this going to work… or it’s impossible to get this/that. Just believe that it will work anyhow. Sounds soo cheesy but don’t think of the how’s and when’s because they will be the stepping stones and will produce doubts. Whenever you get a doubt stop yourself and then think of those positive thoughts and tell yourself to just go with the flow.

History of Law of Attraction:

This knowledge actually existed waaaay back then in the ancient times. We know this because it has been mentioned in the Gita (Hindu Bible), Quran, Bible, Judaism and many more religious books. But it was lost when the wars came and when people started claiming lands to banish the native religions. For a long time after that this knowledge was discovered again but people didn’t believe in it. They thought it was just some crap that doesn’t work in the practical world.

Then when the science proved it people started to take it seriously and here we are now.
Now I am starting to think I believe the religious juju things more than the science. Does that make me the only one crazy? I hope not…

Books and Movies about Law of Attraction:

My Favourite one is The Power and The Hero. They are books (later was made into a movie) by Rhonda Byrne. Here she talks about this law in more detail and I recommend EVERYONE to read it because it will be your life changing decision. And no I am not promoting her books. She also published many other books on the same subject.

There is a whole movie made on law of attraction called The Secret by the same author. You can watch it on YouTube. HERE is a link of the movie. The movie is the same as the book Power but it is more interesting to watch sometimes. The book is more detailed though.

I also love all the books by Louisse L. Hay especially Power is Within You. Louisse was diagnosed with cancer and she had a very difficult past. She used this knowledge to heal herself and set herself free from her past. Her story is really inspiring and it helped me through my difficult times too.

If you want more details on this you have the whole world of Google and YouTube. There’s unlimited amounts of info and articles and people sharing their experiences. Mine is just one of the many. There’s a lot more…

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the step” ~ Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Take Care.