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DIY Mirrored Nightstand | No hammering, drilling etc.. required

DIY Mirrored Nightstand | No hammering, drilling etc.. required

These mirrored nightstands are so popular on instagram, tumblr, pinterest and possibly every social media you can think of. BUT they can be so expensive so here’s a great DIY which requires NO hammering or drilling or anything crazy.

Its super easy even I can do it. If I can do it, you can definitely do it lol. Let’s just say I wasn’t meant for these workshop chores.

This DIY project was made by April and she has an amazing YouTube channel. She does a lot of hair care videos and DIYs!


Take Care


DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas)

DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas)

Its almost 2 weeks to Christmas and we all deal with that last min rush whether it’s about wrapping the gifts (which most of us suck at) or decorating the house.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere. Dublin around this time is the most beautiful with all the lights and pretty decorations. Although if you are going there for shopping at this time of the year… good luck waiting in the 2 hr queues everywhere! It can get.. a little crowdy. But it’s totally worth it with the most amazing friends! Below is just a glimpse of what Dublin looks like during Christmas and yes that’s the main city centre.

Dublin during Christmas

Dublin was my main inspiration to do this post so keep reading for some cute and easy DIYs for the holidays! (more…)

10 Colourful Home Decor DIY Projects

So the spring is here and there are birds chirping, flowers blooming, people singing and so many beautiful colours coming to life. Spring is just so much happier and fun!

So I brought you some easy-to-do DIYs to decorate your beautiful home and give it some colour. You can customize each DIY to your preference. You can glitter things up and do whatever you wish.

To check out how to do each DIY just click on the “source” button under each picture Smile Happy Crafting…

Spring Decor! Stamped Mini Potted Plants via Making Home Base #spring
Spring pom pom burlap bunting by LollyJane.com
Modern Purple Baby Shower

Let me know if you made any of these or if you have your own spring-y ideas ~.~

Take Care.
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