Are the everyday food & chemicals (makeup, skincare..) major cancer causing agents?

We are in the century where using chemicals and technology has become an everyday thing. Do you use body moisturizer, shaving gel, make up, shampoo, white sugar or white bread? “”(Yes that includes even the chemicals in our food)

If so you need to read this for a healthier, safer and longer life…

Our immune system is what fights these chemicals. However if these chemicals are a part of our everyday lives constantly attacking our immune system, then it will get weaker day by day. When the immune system gets weaker we have no internal protection against diseases like cancer.

Why is it that in the ancient times men and women used to be stronger, taller and healthier? It is because chemicals and pollution didn’t exist at that time. They ate pure, whole and organic food to nourish their body inside out.

Did cancer exist in the ancient times?
No it did not. Today’s Scientists declared that cancer is a man-made disease in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. They experimented on mummified bodies to find any trace of tumour but they found none. So that basically means we are killing ourselves very slowly day-by-day just by eating normal food.

If this is what living in a 1st world country means then there no difference between the western world and the African/Asian countries where clean drinking water isn’t safe. In poor countries people die from dirty water and here people die from dirty food/cancer. Well in the world of business and power and greed, we can still make a difference and fight for our survival like Josephine Wood did.

Josephine Wood wrote a book called Naturally Gorgeous on how she survived and fought against a cancerous disease called Crohn’s Disease. Not only she writes about her organic diet but also about her organic skin care, hair care and make up. Its like an ultimate book of living naturally. She even says organic food tastes much better than normal food. So if there is such a thing as organic chocolate and it tastes even better than normal chocolate… IMAGINE THAT! It will be my new BFF!!

Her book also shares all the organic brands that sell skin/body/hair products and other household products. It is a must-read book if you want healthier and safer life for you and your family!

Be careful especially if you just had a baby and you are feeding him/her the baby food from markets. They have all the nasty stuff too. Babies have weaker immune system than adults and so they are more vulnerable. Feed them organic milk or cook the food at home to be on the safe side. The famous actress Jessica Alba set up her own company called Honest (named after her first baby girl) which sells non-toxic and natural products for babies. They were frustrated from searching for a single company that sells safe products like diapers or wipes for babies but they couldn’t find one. So they set up their own! If you are looking for such companies, you might want to start from here Smile

Processed foods are the reason why Obesity is increasing in the western world. They are high in hydrogenated fats, salt, sugar and preservatives. They cause much more than just obesity like migraines, hyperactivity, allergies, asthma, osteoporosis and heart diseases. I don’t understand why they are even being sold in supermarkets even though they harm us. I guess this is where consumerism comes in!

Where to buy Organic food from?
You can sign up for a box delivery scheme which allows manufacturers to bring fresh organic produce direct to your door from farms. They deliver foods like fruits, veg, dairy, meat, fish, wine and cleaning products. Check the internet for your local organic box schemes!

Nowadays many supermarkets sell organic food too so this can be your alternative way.

What does all this have to do with beauty?
Well I am a living proof of the fact that organic living significantly changed how I look physically and how I feel mentally. My skin used to have all the annoying issues like acne, whiteheads, oiliness etc… I got sick of it so I decided to throw away ALL my skin care products which was one of the best decisions I ever made. Then I bought some organic skin care products like Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser and many more. From this one change in my beauty regimen my skin has cleared up. No acne, no whiteheads and no oiliness. I can pretty much say my skin is almost like a baby’s now. I became much more confident in myself and the way I feel about myself i.e the typical insecurities were gone for good!

Sukin has an AMAZING collection for skin, hair, body and sun care. If you are looking for a brand with all these good stuff try this one!
I am still on a hunt for organic hair care products but as soon as I find them I will do a blog post on them.

You can make homemade skin/body care products. I have published 100’s of posts on DIYs which IS what my blog is about. Besides DIY’s are fun and they have no side effects like most drugstore face washes have a side effect of dry skin.

Feel Unique website sells a whole range of organic skin/hair/body/makeup products and they ship worldwide which is sometimes FREE!

Change your path to an organic or even natural living.
It will guaranteed save you medical / doctor’s appointment costs.
It will make you feel confident, happier and closer to our mother nature.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world…” ~ Gandhi 

Take Care.

Love Krishna