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Zendaya Inspired DRUGSTORE Makeup Tutorial | Lavish Krish

zendaya inspired drugstore makeup tutorial

This makeup look has been inspired by the picture below. Zendaya has been slaying her makeup lately and this is my favourite one so far. Hope you guys like it x

All products used will be listed below!

zendaya inspired drugstore makeup tutorial

Products Mentioned:

NYX Pore Filler |
Bourjois healthy mix foundation | 57 Hale Bronze |
Maybelline fit me concealer | 20 |
Rimmel stay matte translucent powder |
Maybelline Great Lash mascara | Clear |
Makeup Revolution flawless matte palette |
NYC Liquid Eye liner |
L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eye Pencil |
Mink false eyelashes |
L’Oreal telescopic mascara | Carbon black |
Makeup revolution eyeshadow (contour) | MMMM |
NYX Setting Spray | Dewy |
Real Techniques contour brush |
MUA Undress your skin highlighter | Iridescent Gold |
Annabelle lipliner | Espresso |
NYX Lip Lingerie | Honeymoon |
MUA Luxe velvet lip laquer | Halcyon |
Mac Fix+ |

Kylie Jenner Inspired EVERYDAY Makeup Tutorial |

zendaya inspired drugstore makeup tutorial

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Updated DIY Natural Glam Glow Mud Mask for Clear Skin

diy natural glam glow mud mask

I posted a “Natural Dupe of Glam Glow Mud Masks” blog post a few months ago so this is the updated version in a video form.

If you guys read that post you’d know the star ingredient is the Aztec Secret India Healing Clay which is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. I’ve LOVED this clay mask ever since I tried it.

So in this video I am showing you 2 MASKS. One for sensitive skin and the other for non-sensitive skin.
I use the second one because my skin is pretty tough and oily so I need clay masks in my routine.

Benefits of clay masks:

  • Tightens pores permanently overtime
  • Gets rid of blemishes / acne pretty fast
  • Deep cleanses pores and pulls all the impurities out

They actually recommend you to use the clay with apple cider vinegar (ACV) but you guys know I CANNOT stand the smell of ACV so instead I use witch hazel and it works just as well for me. And if my skin is acting reaaaally bad then I also add 2 drops of tea tree oil which is a natural anti-bacterial and acne fighter.

(I live in Toronto and I buy Dickinson’s witch hazel from Walmart for around $5. Only the yellow bottle is 100% natural and alcohol free so buy the YELLOW one.)

This mask combo literally gets rid of 70% of the blemishes OVERNIGHT.

If you have sensitive skin use the first mask with yoghurt and if you think your skin can handle a little more.. then you can use the second mask.

If your skin is really dry and not so sensitive I’d definitely suggest you to use the tea tree oil.

So you can experiment use whatever combination that works for your skin type and let me know how it works out for you xx


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Beauty Standards Around The World | One Face 7 Countries


This truly proves that beauty is a perception. What is considered beautiful in one country can be seen as a flaw in another. I found this video (linked below) on Wengie’s channel and it literally gave me a flash back of my life.

The same goes with people. Two people can find the same person really beautiful or really ugly. So if someone today thinks you’re ugly or ‘average’.. it shouldn’t affect your perception of yourself because that’s just ONE person’s opinion. There are 7 billion other people in this world. If you see yourself as God’s beautiful creation and believe it.. then no one has the power to bring you down by just saying a few bitter words.

Story Time – A Peek of my Teenage Life

When I was a teenager.. I used to get the most racist comments like ‘your skin is the color of shit’ etc.. and some people used to ask me ‘what’s that on your face’ (when I had some skin issues).. This seriously tore me from inside out and I used to think I was the ugliest girl in the world. Years passed and I was sick of thinking so bad about myself.. so I changed my perception. I literally sat down and decided to never look at myself in the mirror and say a negative word.. EVER!

As soon as I changed the way I see myself.. everyone else around me changed the way they see me as well. At this point I can say I get so many compliments from people every single day. I am not bragging here but I am trying to prove a point. I am a living proof who has gone through the experience of being the ugliest girl in school to the prettiest in college.. If someone told me when I was 15 that I was going to have a youtube channel and I would be an ‘Instagram model’ .. I would’ve laughed in their face. So that’s a small peek of my teenage years..

Please watch this video without any negativity and really grasp the message it’s trying to send <3 Thank you Wengie for this truly inspirational video x

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New Video: How I Don’t get Whiteheads/Blackheads Anymore

You guys know how much I am into skin care so of course I had to share this video. A lot of people don’t know that you CAN prevent blackheads / whiteheads from appearing.

Normally what most of the people do is find a way to remove them. But if we PREVENT them in the first place there’s no removing them.
So here’s how I prevent whiteheads. I don’t get blackheads but you can prevent them the same way you prevent whiteheads.
I used to have oily and acne prone skin with clogged pores and whiteheads but now my skin is pretty clear and I rarely get whiteheads. My skin is not so oily either! So basically now I have clear, smooth, even toned skin.

Plus a lot of skin care specialists don’t tell you about this so I had to make a video on this for you guys 🙂

The products I recommend are quite inexpensive so everyone can buy them.
I use:
Alaffia’s African Black Soap:
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay:

So check out my video below and let me know if you guys want me to target another specific skin issue and I shall make a video on that.

Take care

New Video: 5 Dollar Store DIY Room Decor for Christmas

5 Dollar Store DIY Room Decor for Christmas

This is my first video in Room decor series and I am so excited to show you guys how I decorate my room during the holidays. I literally bought everything I needed from the dollar store so all the DIYs are quite affordable and easy to make. You can even make them at the last min without stress!

I change my decorations seasonally and I LOVE doing DIY projects!! Let me know if you guys like this video and want to see more of them ^_^

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DIY: Natural Tips for Kinky Curls

Hey girls. I got this request from my beautiful reader and I know this post is really late but trust me it was a little hard for me to make this post since I don’t have kinky curls so I don’t have much experience in this. But I do have curly hair so my hair tends to get  frizzy a lot. I have found a technique which really helps to tame the frizz even on the second day hair. So here’s my experience…


I know guys you have heard this like 100 times but you NEED to get this. 
It makes my hair grow faster
It tames the frizz
It keeps my hair color looking vibrant
It makes my hair look healthy shiny
And there are SO many other benefits. If I start listing it will take maybe a whole post. But I think you guys got the idea.
So after I wash my hair and dry them, I apply my heat protectant first and then the coconut oil. My hair is pretty long so I use about 1 tbsp of coconut oil ALL over my hair. But I don’t put it on my scalp. I will put a photo below to show the length of my hair so you guys get the idea what coconut oil does to my hair 🙂
I straightened my hair here and this photo was taken 2 months ago so my hair is even longer than this now 🙂

Check out this website: NaturallyCurly.Com. It may not have Natural solutions but it has great tips.

Hope this helps 🙂

DIY: Quick Tip for 12 Hour Long Lasting Makeup

Do you ever need to go bathroom every 2-3 hours because your nose got oily? And sometimes you even run out of blotting sheets so you use toilet paper? Yea I know. Lets just admit it girls.. WE ALL DO IT haha
So if you don’t want to use yucky toilet tissues then keep reading… And no I am not going to say “Use primer” or “set your make up with powder.” This tips is NEVER-HEARD (I hope so at least) before and I have experienced it so it really works for 12 hours.
All You Need:
Pressed Powder
I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder
and A Puff

So as usual, apply your moisturiser and prep your skin.
Then before you apply your foundation, take a puff and dab some pressed powder on the areas where you have oily zones.

Make sure to DAB the powder not drag or nag it on skin.
Dab it like you would with concealer under your eyes.
I usually apply on my nose and forehead and on my laugh lines.

This tip also works with the people who get the laugh lines around their mouth area or who get the make up lines under eyes.
You know when you get those lines of make up after you smile or laugh or under eyes if you have slight wrinkles.
If you get those, dab the powder on those areas too.

And then as usual, apply your full make up however you do it.
And voila, you have a long lasting makeup without buying expensive long lasting foundations which most of the times don’t work.

I hope you like this post and if you have any queries just click on the Ask? tab.

DIY: Butterfly Nail Art

I know guys I should have posted this nail art early in Summer but I was on holidays and I had no time at all  🙁
But here it is now 🙂
You can rock it in fall maybe?
Let me know if you have any requests of a nail art tutorial 🙂
Take Care 

Back in Ireland

Hey girls! Yup I am back in Ireland now. Feels so lonely and quiet here 🙁
I loved the noisiness there to be honest. I love living in big noisy cities.
Ireland is really peaceful but truly a beautiful place. Couldn’t stop crying when I was coming back BUT I missed blogging and helping you guys out with stuff.

So yea keep sending me emails.
Click HERE if you want to ask me anything. I will try my best to reply 🙂

Take Care.

I am Going On Holidays for 3 WEEKS

Hey girls. This is just a quick message for all my sweet readers out there. I am going to CANADA this friday which is 3rd of August. I am SUPER excited because my relatives live there.
I have been there once and it was AMAZING. Especially the Wonderland. (in the picture above)
If you are going to Canada, you DO NOT want to miss out The Wonderland. Its like a HUGE funfair.
So I will be gone for 3 weeks and I will try my best to do blog posts. And of course I will post some memoirs 😉
I hope you guys have lots of fun in the last month of summer.
You can send me emails if you have any queries or requests. Just click on the Ask Me? tab on top of my blog.
Take Care.