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Soft BIG VOLUMINOUS Curls | Everyday Hair Tutorial

Soft BIG VOLUMINOUS Curls | Everyday Hair Tutorial

This hair is totally inspired by Victoria Secret models. I love the soft big voluminous curls they always rock on runways! I have so many tips in this video so please subscribe, share and thumbs up if you found them helpful.

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7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

Do you ever feel satisfied when you buy an eyeshadow palette for only $25 and the quality is just as good as the Sephora ones? Because that’s what makes me feel like I spent my dollaaas well! Plus when you spend most of your money on food.. you can’t just walk in Sephora and buy whatever you want. Sometimes a girl just can’t pass by an Asian takeaway and keep walking.

Anyway so here are my TOP 7 eyeshadow palettes that are super affordable and cheap. They are really pigmented, blendable and cheap! If you want to see them in action or want to see some swatches, click on the “See it in action” link below each palette.

If you’re not just satisfied with eyeshadow palettes check out 12 Ridiculously Affordable and Quality Makeup Brands. Otherwise keep on reading… (more…)

NEW VIDEO: Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial | Lavish Krish

In this makeup tutorial, I am using one of my favourite ROSE GOLD eyeshadow by L’Oreal. It is such a beautiful shimmery and slightly glittery eyeshadow. I created this smokey makeup look which is perfect for winter. It’s dramatic and super catty. I am LOVING cut crease makeup looks these days. So you’ll be watching a lot of cut crease looks in the future.

I am trying a lot of new products in this video so I also give you a brief review on each. This is my first video of 2017 so I really hope you like this and let me know what you want to see on my channel this year <3

All products mentioned are linked below <3


Product that DIMINISHED My Acne and Clogged + Enlarged Pores


All my friends and family have recently started to notice how AMAZING my skin has transformed lately.. and they’ve all been asking me how I did it.. So I thought rather than telling only my family and friends, I want to tell everyone.

If you guys know me from the beginning.. you know that when I started this blog, its sole purpose was to help anyone who is suffering from acne. I would share all my little secrets, what products helped and what didn’t help. So along the journey, I’ve found this ONE PRODUCT that took care of ALL my skin care problems including acne, clogged pores and enlarged pores. Yes.. it has managed to significantly REDUCE the size of my pores.

Here’s the product reveal and my full review so keep on reading.. (more…)

DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

100% Natural and clean skin care products can be difficult to find especially if you have problematic skin. And if we do find some products.. they tend to be expensive.

I am the queen of DIYs when it comes to skin care. So whatever your skin type is whether it’s oily, dry or acne prone here are some great DIYs for every skin type you might need on a daily basis. For example, cleanser, toner, facial moisturizer and also body skin care products.

I used to have really bad acne, pimples and scars.. until I went ‘au natural’ with my whole skincare routine. Ever since then I haven’t turned back and my skin has never been better. Now I rarely get any pimples and if I get any scars, they disappear in less than A WEEK.

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Harsh ingredients such as methylparaben and propylene glycol are really common in skin care products these days. If you’re acne prone or sensitive, these ingredients can make your skin worse. And if you have normal skin, they can cause pre-mature aging in the long run. And we always want to keep our skin wrinkle-free for as long as we can.

So ditch your current skin care products and go on a journey of natural skin care with me.. Trust me they will transform your skin and you won’t go back.. (more…)

30 Decent Yet Chic Winter Outfits for Work AND School

 20 Decent Yet Chic Winter Outfits for Work AND School

Is it just me or anyone else find it difficult to plan winter outfits for work or school? There are those few outfits that are decent but I end up wearing them too frequently.. So if you’re looking for some inspiration too, you landed on the right page.

If you’re a working woman or a student and planning winter outfits for work / school is the greatest challenge every morning.. you’ll definitely find some inspiration here.

I’ve chosen 15 outfits for working women and 15 for teens in school. Let me know which one is your favourite…


HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

Suicide Squad was definitely one of my favourite movies this year. And the character of Harley Quinn took it to a whole new level. Her crazy personality mixed with the passion and love for Joker took my heart away.

Her costume seems quite complicated but because it’s rugged and messy.. it’s way EASIER to recreate than it looks. The makeup is the fun part because you can make it as sexy as you want for this halloween. Read more to check it out…

Fun Fact: The original character of Harley Quinn is actually Jewish as well as bisexual.  (more…)

Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Most people are unaware of the Inversion Method. It’s strange because it gives you the FASTEST results in the SHORTEST amount of time.

And this is why I want to share it with all the girls whose hair has literally stopped growing (whatever the reason may be) and are DESPERATELY looking to grow out their hair. I get it.. who has the time and patience to grow really long hair these days. I barely get time to eat nowadays.

The email below from one of my lovely readers sparked the inspiration behind this post. And I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this before because it works better than ANYTHING I’ve tried before.

inversion method grow 1 inch hair in 1 week

You can send me questions too from the “Ask Me” tab <3

So If you’re a busy mom, a CEO or a college student whose assignments are piling up like me.. this is perfect for you! You don’t have to spend more than 10 mins and the results are.. FAST! Read more to find out how you can grow 1 inch of hair in 1 WEEK(more…)

5 Quick & Easy VEGAN Lunch Recipes for Work / School (Under 15 mins)

5 Quick & Easy VEGAN Lunch Recipes for Work / School (Under 15 mins)

The thing about packing lunches is that.. I get lazy and then it becomes a last min thing where I just can’t get my shit together. And sometimes I get bored of packing the same type of lunch everyday. So I was looking through easy and quick vegan recipes and I thought why not share it with you guys.

So I thought putting together 5 lunch ideas to pack for school or work would be perfect for the 5 working days. This will give you the variety, the taste and most of them can be made in under 15 mins. They’re all vegan but still delicious. I literally got hungry just looking at the pictures below… (more…)

30 INSTAGRAM Inspired Baddie Outfits

30 INSTAGRAM Inspired Baddie Outfits

Street style is so hyped on Instagram right now and you probably know it as “Baddie Style”. To be honest, I ABSOLUTELY love this trend and I really want to share my favourite outfits with you guys <3

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