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Eyeshadows Do’s and Don’ts | Hacks

Eyeshadows Do's and Don'ts | Hacks

I wish someone had told me all the tips and tricks when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Everyone says blending is the key.. but I always wondered HOW to even blend. So if you think you’re at a beginner level with makeup this video will definitely help you build your makeup skills. It took me years to learn through trials and errors but this video will show you the mistakes I made over the years in 16 mins. Hope this helps!

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Back to School DRUGSTORE Makeup, Hair & Outfits

Back to School DRUGSTORE Makeup, Hair & Outfits

When it comes to the first week of school, you want to look BOMB! This back to school makeup, hairstyle and outfit is for anyone who wants to look a little extra but within the limits of a school. You gotta show them that glow up!

The only non drugstore product I’ve used in this video was my Dermablend loose setting powder because it has become one of my STAPLES and I grabbed it out of habit :'( But feel free to substitute that for any drugstore powder like Rimmel stay matte pressed powder (another one of my favs).

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Product That BLURS Your Skin & Large Pores

Product That BLURS Your Skin & Large Pores

I’ve always had a problem with makeup making my pores appear larger than they actually are. I’ve tried hundreds of primers before and nothing worked except this loose powder. I was never into loose powders before to set my makeup because they’re messier than pressed powders but this is a HUGE exception.

Dermablend loose setting powder not only BLURS my skin and large pores but it also keeps my makeup in place all day long. It even prevents foundation from settling into my laugh lines which is EPIC for me.. this is epicness in a jar for me lol
And the best part is they have a shade for every skin tone!

Dermablend Loose Setting powder | Cool Beige

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AFFORDABLE Clothing Try-On Haul | Zaful Lookbook

I really like the quality and the style of Zaful clothing. And the fact that they’re so affordable!! So these are some of my favourite pieces from their online store and let me know if you like these kind of try on hauls. All the links to the clothes are listed below x

1) Cami Cropped Tank Top | http://bit.ly/2t3yGqC

2) Choker Off The Shoulder Blouse | http://bit.ly/2rOqPtz

3) Flounce Off The Shoulder Blouse | http://bit.ly/2s7WBkU

4) Frilled Off The Shoulder Crop Top | http://bit.ly/2s37Kbf

5) Hipster Slimming Leggings | http://bit.ly/2rNVVBH

6) Molded Fishnet Panel Bikini | http://bit.ly/2s8pm0y

7) Wrap Tie Crossover Bikini | http://bit.ly/2t7qW7M

8) Plunge Low Back Linen Cover up | http://bit.ly/2sO1fGw

9) Asymmetric Bodycon Dress | http://bit.ly/2u1dI9r

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How I Cut and Maintain My Hair at HOME | CreaClip | Split Ends

How I Cut and Maintain My Hair at HOME | CreaClip | Split Ends | lavish krish

I am telling you guys just watch this video and you will never be scared of cutting your hair at home. And soon enough you’ll probably start cutting your whole family’s hair. You can thank me later!

I used CreaClip in this video. It makes the process a million times easier. It allows me to cut layers in my hair and you can do so many types of hairstyles with CreaClip. Check out Crea Clip’s YouTube channel for tutorials on how to cut different types of hairstyles.

The hair cutting scissors I used in the video is from Sally’s Beauty Supply. If you’re interested you can also check out other hair related videos below.

My Hair Care Routine | Hair loss, Growth, pH

How I Grew My Hair Long & Thick NATURALLY in A Month

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Prom season is here and some of us can’t afford to get prom makeup done by a makeup artist. So this prom if you are planning to do your own makeup, this is a really GLAM and AFFORDABLE look to re create. Yet it’s easy and won’t take you 2 hrs. This makeup tutorial only uses the Covergirl TruNaked Goldens Eyeshadow Palette. So click on the video below if you’re interested <3

Soft BIG VOLUMINOUS Curls | Everyday Hair Tutorial

Soft BIG VOLUMINOUS Curls | Everyday Hair Tutorial

This hair is totally inspired by Victoria Secret models. I love the soft big voluminous curls they always rock on runways! I have so many tips in this video so please subscribe, share and thumbs up if you found them helpful.

Check out my previous hair tutorials:

How to get SLEEK Straight Hair with NO DAMAGE | https://youtu.be/MirS_Qv26-E

Heatless & Voluminous Beachy Waves / Curls | https://youtu.be/gMGcFuCR9Dg

How I Curl My Hair With A Straightener | https://youtu.be/Ny74_Aj9W7w


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7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

Do you ever feel satisfied when you buy an eyeshadow palette for only $25 and the quality is just as good as the Sephora ones? Because that’s what makes me feel like I spent my dollaaas well! Plus when you spend most of your money on food.. you can’t just walk in Sephora and buy whatever you want. Sometimes a girl just can’t pass by an Asian takeaway and keep walking.

Anyway so here are my TOP 7 eyeshadow palettes that are super affordable and cheap. They are really pigmented, blendable and cheap! If you want to see them in action or want to see some swatches, click on the “See it in action” link below each palette.

If you’re not just satisfied with eyeshadow palettes check out 12 Ridiculously Affordable and Quality Makeup Brands. Otherwise keep on reading… (more…)

NEW VIDEO: Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial | Lavish Krish

In this makeup tutorial, I am using one of my favourite ROSE GOLD eyeshadow by L’Oreal. It is such a beautiful shimmery and slightly glittery eyeshadow. I created this smokey makeup look which is perfect for winter. It’s dramatic and super catty. I am LOVING cut crease makeup looks these days. So you’ll be watching a lot of cut crease looks in the future.

I am trying a lot of new products in this video so I also give you a brief review on each. This is my first video of 2017 so I really hope you like this and let me know what you want to see on my channel this year <3

All products mentioned are linked below <3


Product that DIMINISHED My Acne and Clogged + Enlarged Pores


All my friends and family have recently started to notice how AMAZING my skin has transformed lately.. and they’ve all been asking me how I did it.. So I thought rather than telling only my family and friends, I want to tell everyone.

If you guys know me from the beginning.. you know that when I started this blog, its sole purpose was to help anyone who is suffering from acne. I would share all my little secrets, what products helped and what didn’t help. So along the journey, I’ve found this ONE PRODUCT that took care of ALL my skin care problems including acne, clogged pores and enlarged pores. Yes.. it has managed to significantly REDUCE the size of my pores.

Here’s the product reveal and my full review so keep on reading.. (more…)