Beauty Benefits of Meditation: Reverse The Aging, Weightloss, Clear Skin & More…

I have always heard celebrities and models talking about meditation which they practice on a regular basis such as Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston etc… and when you ask them why… their most common answers would be “to stay looking younger” or “for healthy glowing skin” or “healthy body” etc…

In this post I will tell you what meditation does for our physical appearance and how it does that.
Read more to unravel the secret mysteries of life… (I can be quite dramatic sometimes!!)

Meditation for Skin & Youth:

Our skin is one of the most visible expression of beauty. It is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be nourished from the inside first. Today’s over-the-counter skin care products only offer the temporary solution to “fix” our skin from the outside.
If we start working from the inside and nurture every cell of our skin, it will radiate from within. It’s like igniting an inner candle.

One of the major cause of aging skin, pimples, hormones over-reacting is stress!! Now you are probably telling yourself… but I never worry about anything… well think about it again! Was your first thought in the morning something like “ugh I don’t want to get out of bed” or do you struggle throughout the day and you just want to get it over with? Do you only wait for the weekends to enjoy… well guess what… You do take stress.

Meditation teaches you to live in the moment. It aligns your energy chakras calming down your body and balancing the annoying, acne-causing, over-reacting hormones. Basically it brings peace in our body which will bring that glow and youth to our skin.

“As a meditation teacher and nutritionist, over the years I’ve seen countless women improve their complexions virtually overnight by using a few deftly chosen natural skin care products while starting to meditate just a few minutes each day. If you learn the secrets of meditating properly, you, too, can take years off your looks rather quickly, and I do mean rapidly compared to alternative beauty techniques.” ~ William Bodri

The most amazing thing about meditation is that it is FREE! I mean come on, we spend hundreds of dollars in skin care products… I am sure we can work this one out, right?
Meditation triggers the healing process to become faster. The more frequently you meditate, the faster you will heal. It’s as simple as that!

As I said, meditation heals almost ALL diseases so if you are looking for a way to clear skin and get rid of acne then this your best bet. I have researched on many people who had acne their entire life and since they started meditating, it was gone completely like POOF! Tracy Raftl a.k.a The Love Vitamin shares her journey to beautiful, radiant skin! She is so down-to-earth and beautiful. Definitely read her blog and I promise it will motivate you to achieve clear skin.

Meditation for Weight Loss:

“…but almost everyone I meet fails to recognize just how powerful their mind is. Sustainable weight loss is not about tricking or forcing your body to be thin. It’s about changing your body from the inside out so your body actually wants to be thin.
Visualization and meditation are the most-effective tools I know to help you get started.” ~ Jon Gabriel who lost dramatic weight in only 21 days with the help of meditation.

A recent most popular topic in weight loss is about “Mindful Eating.” Basically it is when we give our full attention to what we are eating. Tasting each and every bite, appreciating the food and enjoying the array of flavours. It’s like you are eating and meditating at the same time. Now THAT is what I call an epic benefit because I LOVE eating food. Although I am not trying to lose weight but imagine eating all kinds of food and not putting on weight at all. I mean… that’s a miracle ALL women wish for at least a hundred times in their life. Ladies this is a jackpot!!!

Mindful eating causes the hormone Cortisol to decrease. This hormone literally ruins people’s life by causing obesity and pre-diabetes. It makes us crave all that junk food that we stuff somewhere we can’t reach but we still eat it in the end.
Mindful eating makes us eat slowly which gives the food time to digest fully and easily. This results in people going shopping for a new pair of jeans because their current ones are too big. And weight loss of course.. haha

Yogis have been claiming all these benefits of meditation for thousands of year and it is still very popular in the East. However not many people in the West are familiar with it. So let’s see what science has to say about the benefits of meditation.

Science Behind Meditation:

A scientist from the University of California, Elizabeth Blackburn, says that meditation is just another word for an “immortality enzyme.” She says that 12 minutes of daily meditation for 8 weeks will increase the Telomerase Activity by 43% which reverses the aging process.

A recent discovery has been found by scientists from the Harvard University that meditation has the ability to change the cells at DNA level. So the next time you say “oh you’re good at it because you’ve got the genes” give it a second thought because we can have those same genes as well!

Telomeres are found at the end of our DNA. The longer the telomeres, the better-protected our DNA will be and the longer our cells will live. So they compared the telomere length of 15 experienced meditators to 22 non-meditators and found that the meditators had longer telomeres. The increase in DNA protection + the longevity of our cells = Beautiful life filled with Youth.

There are thousands of scientific reports trying to prove meditation and its benefit but I am not going to give too many details and the big scienc-y words that no one can understand because it is LOOOONG! All I can tell you is that for more information go to Google dot com 🙂

But I do hope I have give you a little insight of meditation. You don’t have to be a pro on the first day. You can work your way up by doing at least 15 mins every day.
I have been doing Yoga for 2 years now but I have only been doing meditation for a week now. I will continue it of course because I already feel really good after practicing it everyday.

If you want to learn how to meditate I recommend you an amazing book called Healing with Meditation by Doriel Hall. It’s a short and straight-forward book especially good for beginners like me. You can of course use Internet to learn but this book explains everything from A-Z really well.

Let me know if you have had any experience in meditation. I would love to hear how you feel about it Smile

Take Care.

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