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Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Most people are unaware of the Inversion Method. It’s strange because it gives you the FASTEST results in the SHORTEST amount of time.

And this is why I want to share it with all the girls whose hair has literally stopped growing (whatever the reason may be) and are DESPERATELY looking to grow out their hair. I get it.. who has the time and patience to grow really long hair these days. I barely get time to eat nowadays.

The email below from one of my lovely readers sparked the inspiration behind this post. And I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this before because it works better than ANYTHING I’ve tried before.

inversion method grow 1 inch hair in 1 week

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So If you’re a busy mom, a CEO or a college student whose assignments are piling up like me.. this is perfect for you! You don’t have to spend more than 10 mins and the results are.. FAST! Read more to find out how you can grow 1 inch of hair in 1 WEEK(more…)

5 Quick & Easy VEGAN Lunch Recipes for Work / School (Under 15 mins)

5 Quick & Easy VEGAN Lunch Recipes for Work / School (Under 15 mins)

The thing about packing lunches is that.. I get lazy and then it becomes a last min thing where I just can’t get my shit together. And sometimes I get bored of packing the same type of lunch everyday. So I was looking through easy and quick vegan recipes and I thought why not share it with you guys.

So I thought putting together 5 lunch ideas to pack for school or work would be perfect for the 5 working days. This will give you the variety, the taste and most of them can be made in under 15 mins. They’re all vegan but still delicious. I literally got hungry just looking at the pictures below… (more…)

3 Min Messy Bun | Hair Updo

3 Min Messy Bun | Hair Updo

Messy hair and over-sized shirts with a cup of coffee… that’s my typical ‘chillin’ at home’ day!

This hair literally takes me 3 to mins max. And I always get compliments on this hair do so today I am going to show you some serious messy hair skills haha

Other helpful videos on hair:

How I Grew my Hair Naturally in a Month | http://bit.ly/1n2PbfX

How I Curl my Hair with a Straightener | http://bit.ly/1QM7Yda

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