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7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

Do you ever feel satisfied when you buy an eyeshadow palette for only $25 and the quality is just as good as the Sephora ones? Because that’s what makes me feel like I spent my dollaaas well! Plus when you spend most of your money on food.. you can’t just walk in Sephora and buy whatever you want. Sometimes a girl just can’t pass by an Asian takeaway and keep walking.

Anyway so here are my TOP 7 eyeshadow palettes that are super affordable and cheap. They are really pigmented, blendable and cheap! If you want to see them in action or want to see some swatches, click on the “See it in action” link below each palette.

If you’re not just satisfied with eyeshadow palettes check out 12 Ridiculously Affordable and Quality Makeup Brands. Otherwise keep on reading… (more…)

NEW VIDEO: Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Half Cut Crease ROSE GOLD Smokey Makeup Tutorial | Lavish Krish

In this makeup tutorial, I am using one of my favourite ROSE GOLD eyeshadow by L’Oreal. It is such a beautiful shimmery and slightly glittery eyeshadow. I created this smokey makeup look which is perfect for winter. It’s dramatic and super catty. I am LOVING cut crease makeup looks these days. So you’ll be watching a lot of cut crease looks in the future.

I am trying a lot of new products in this video so I also give you a brief review on each. This is my first video of 2017 so I really hope you like this and let me know what you want to see on my channel this year <3

All products mentioned are linked below <3


HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

Suicide Squad was definitely one of my favourite movies this year. And the character of Harley Quinn took it to a whole new level. Her crazy personality mixed with the passion and love for Joker took my heart away.

Her costume seems quite complicated but because it’s rugged and messy.. it’s way EASIER to recreate than it looks. The makeup is the fun part because you can make it as sexy as you want for this halloween. Read more to check it out…

Fun Fact: The original character of Harley Quinn is actually Jewish as well as bisexual.  (more…)

DIY Mac Fix Plus

I’ve LOVED Mac Fix Plus for years because it gives me the most beautiful glowy and flawless finish. Pretty much every makeup artist uses this magical elixir. And no other finishing spray has given me results like the Mac Fix Plus.

Also check out: DIY: Make Your Own Smashbox Primer Water

So today I am going to show you how you can make your own Mac Fix Plus with a fraction of the price. And if you want more details on how to make this DIY, check out the video below from VasseurBeauty. (more…)

New technique to Set the Concealer WITHOUT Caking or Baking


Personally, I don’t like baking and I don’t like it when my makeup is cakey either so I had to find a new and FULL PROOF way to set my concealer. This is a new technique because I haven’t seen it anywhere on YouTube so I thought it would definitely help you guys as well x

My under eye creases pretty bad and this tip is the only thing that works for me AND my mom.

So if it can work for me and my mom it’ll definitely work for you <3

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Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Bronzy + Glowy

Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Bronzy + Glowy

This look is perfect for summer since it’s bronzy and glowy and it literally screams SUMMER!

This is the first celebrity look I’ve done on my channel so I hope you guys like it.
I’m thinking of doing Kylie Jenner’s makeup tutorial next so send me pictures on my email of what makeup you’d like me to do.



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GET READY WITH ME | Copper Eyes & Casual Outfit

GET READY WITH ME | Copper Eyes & Casual Outfit | Lavish Krish

This is one of my favorite looks and it is 90% drugstore tutorial. I love the copper smokey eyes with a casual outfit. I would definitely wear this whole look on a day out with the girls during spring time.

It’s super easy and I LOVE doing ‘Get ready with me’ type of videos. Let me know how you like it and if you have any requests for future videos leave a comment below <3

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