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Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Inversion Method: Grow 1 INCH of Hair in 1 WEEK (Fastest Results)

Most people are unaware of the Inversion Method. It’s strange because it gives you the FASTEST results in the SHORTEST amount of time.

And this is why I want to share it with all the girls whose hair has literally stopped growing (whatever the reason may be) and are DESPERATELY looking to grow out their hair. I get it.. who has the time and patience to grow really long hair these days. I barely get time to eat nowadays.

The email below from one of my lovely readers sparked the inspiration behind this post. And I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this before because it works better than ANYTHING I’ve tried before.

inversion method grow 1 inch hair in 1 week

You can send me questions too from the “Ask Me” tab <3

So If you’re a busy mom, a CEO or a college student whose assignments are piling up like me.. this is perfect for you! You don’t have to spend more than 10 mins and the results are.. FAST! Read more to find out how you can grow 1 inch of hair in 1 WEEK(more…)

Golden Milk: The Trending Beauty Drink (For Healthy skin, hair and nails..)

golden turmeric milk

This is actually an Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian) recipe. My grandma used to make me this milk to keep me ‘fair and beautiful’ like she always told me ^_^ The main ingredient: turmeric is the wonder spice (or fairy dust if you’re trying to get your kids to drink it haha).

Although it actually tastes really yummy! You feel like you’re all cozy in a cottage wrapped with some blankets beside the fireplace on a rainy day! Now that’s what I call chilling in the Fall season.

Benefits of the Golden Milk

turmeric golden milk

  1. Banishes acne/eczema- healthy, glowing and clear skin because it has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
  2. Anti aging effect- reverses the wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Burns fat by speeding up the metabolism, improving digestion and bloating (basically a flat tummy :D)
  4. Prevents weight gain in future
  5. Promotes hair growth and conditions the scalp
  6. Gets rid of dandruff
  7. Prevents hair loss and stimulates regrowth
  8. Prevents cancer and childhood leukemia
  9. Reduces the monthly menstrual cramps (Yaaaaaaaaas ladies!)
  10. Boosts immunity by fighting off free radicals
  11. Fights off the diabetes by moderating insulin levels
  12. Controls the cholesterol levels by regulating homo-cysteine levels.

Basically this drink is the answer to 90% of our beauty problems and adding in some health benefits for the future like anti aging, weight prevention, cholesterol, diabetes etc…

AND it also gets rid of cold, flu and fever.

So finally check out the video below to find out how to make this drink and make sure to subscribe to the Happy Pear channel.. they’re hilarious and their recipes will have you licking your plates.. ENJOY binge watching their channel haha

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