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DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

100% Natural and clean skin care products can be difficult to find especially if you have problematic skin. And if we do find some products.. they tend to be expensive.

I am the queen of DIYs when it comes to skin care. So whatever your skin type is whether it’s oily, dry or acne prone here are some great DIYs for every skin type you might need on a daily basis. For example, cleanser, toner, facial moisturizer and also body skin care products.

I used to have really bad acne, pimples and scars.. until I went ‘au natural’ with my whole skincare routine. Ever since then I haven’t turned back and my skin has never been better. Now I rarely get any pimples and if I get any scars, they disappear in less than A WEEK.

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Harsh ingredients such as methylparaben and propylene glycol are really common in skin care products these days. If you’re acne prone or sensitive, these ingredients can make your skin worse. And if you have normal skin, they can cause pre-mature aging in the long run. And we always want to keep our skin wrinkle-free for as long as we can.

So ditch your current skin care products and go on a journey of natural skin care with me.. Trust me they will transform your skin and you won’t go back.. (more…)

HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

Suicide Squad was definitely one of my favourite movies this year. And the character of Harley Quinn took it to a whole new level. Her crazy personality mixed with the passion and love for Joker took my heart away.

Her costume seems quite complicated but because it’s rugged and messy.. it’s way EASIER to recreate than it looks. The makeup is the fun part because you can make it as sexy as you want for this halloween. Read more to check it out…

Fun Fact: The original character of Harley Quinn is actually Jewish as well as bisexual.  (more…)

DIY Mac Fix Plus

I’ve LOVED Mac Fix Plus for years because it gives me the most beautiful glowy and flawless finish. Pretty much every makeup artist uses this magical elixir. And no other finishing spray has given me results like the Mac Fix Plus.

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So today I am going to show you how you can make your own Mac Fix Plus with a fraction of the price. And if you want more details on how to make this DIY, check out the video below from VasseurBeauty. (more…)

DIY 3 NATURAL Masks to Banish Acne in 2 DAYS

DIY 3 NATURAL Masks to Banish Acne in 2 DAYS

I have struggled with acne so much and now that I’ve gotten rid of it.. I can tell you countless ways to get rid of them.

So here I am sharing my top three masks that literally banishes acne in 2 DAYS. I am sure you’ll find at least one mask out of them all that suits your skin. The first two are facial masks and the last one is a spot treatment.

They are all 100% natural made from the ingredients most likely found in the kitchen. So they’re really inexpensive as well.

My star ingredient

( It is an affiliate link but my opinion is honest!)

Let me know which one works for you x


Take Care


DIY Mirrored Nightstand | No hammering, drilling etc.. required

DIY Mirrored Nightstand | No hammering, drilling etc.. required

These mirrored nightstands are so popular on instagram, tumblr, pinterest and possibly every social media you can think of. BUT they can be so expensive so here’s a great DIY which requires NO hammering or drilling or anything crazy.

Its super easy even I can do it. If I can do it, you can definitely do it lol. Let’s just say I wasn’t meant for these workshop chores.

This DIY project was made by April and she has an amazing YouTube channel. She does a lot of hair care videos and DIYs!


Take Care


Updated DIY Natural Glam Glow Mud Mask for Clear Skin

diy natural glam glow mud mask

I posted a “Natural Dupe of Glam Glow Mud Masks” blog post a few months ago so this is the updated version in a video form.

If you guys read that post you’d know the star ingredient is the Aztec Secret India Healing Clay which is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. I’ve LOVED this clay mask ever since I tried it.

So in this video I am showing you 2 MASKS. One for sensitive skin and the other for non-sensitive skin.
I use the second one because my skin is pretty tough and oily so I need clay masks in my routine.

Benefits of clay masks:

  • Tightens pores permanently overtime
  • Gets rid of blemishes / acne pretty fast
  • Deep cleanses pores and pulls all the impurities out

They actually recommend you to use the clay with apple cider vinegar (ACV) but you guys know I CANNOT stand the smell of ACV so instead I use witch hazel and it works just as well for me. And if my skin is acting reaaaally bad then I also add 2 drops of tea tree oil which is a natural anti-bacterial and acne fighter.

(I live in Toronto and I buy Dickinson’s witch hazel from Walmart for around $5. Only the yellow bottle is 100% natural and alcohol free so buy the YELLOW one.)

This mask combo literally gets rid of 70% of the blemishes OVERNIGHT.

If you have sensitive skin use the first mask with yoghurt and if you think your skin can handle a little more.. then you can use the second mask.

If your skin is really dry and not so sensitive I’d definitely suggest you to use the tea tree oil.

So you can experiment use whatever combination that works for your skin type and let me know how it works out for you xx


Take Care


DIY: Make Your Own Smashbox Primer Water

diy smashbox primer water / makeup setting spray

Smashbox Primer water is literally in every makeup artist’s kit. It makes your foundation glide on like butter (but not greasy). It’ll also keep your makeup in place all day long!

AND this DIY formula will be a huge benefit for anyone with acne-prone skin because of the all natural and anti-bacterial ingredients we’ll use in the primer water.

The actual primer water costs $32 and you can make this at home for only $10. The ingredients are really accessible. You won’t need no leaves from the amazon jungle. You’ll probably find the ingredients in your pantry. So read more for the tutorial… (more…)

DIY: Natural Setting Spray for Acne-Prone Skin

DIY: Natural Setting Spray for Acne-Prone Skin lavish krish
 So there I was watching YouTube Beauty tutorials where the girls showed their favourite products.. A lot of them mentioned Mac’s Fix + Finishing/Setting Spray and they all said it was amazing. It made their makeup flawless after a few mists of this product. So I got really excited about buying this and I did buy it. I compared the Mac’s spray with my 100% Natural Finishing Spray. And here’s what I think which one is better and which suits what skin type.

You will be VERY surprised when I tell you about my skin-friendly setting spray. I use it after I have my foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighter on and it just pulls the whole look together giving me flawless model-like makeup look.

Check out my recent post on Natural Mac Fix + Dupes.

It’s just simple Cold Water stored in a spray bottle. Yes, ONLY Cold Water.

I have bought the Mac Fix + twice because I REALLY liked it.
It was actually good but it made my skin a little shiny. So I tried again and didn’t spray too much this time but I had the same result. I had a shiny T-Zone.
Well I have naturally oily-combination skin so I thought this spray just made it more oilier.
But you can use it if you have dry skin.

natural setting spray for acne prone skin

When I use the Cold Water as a Finishing Spray, it makes me feel sooooo fresh and my make up is perfect. Its not too shiny and not too matte. It gives a subtle sheen which looks so natural and beautiful.
It wakes me up instantly if I am lazy in the mornings. And with this it doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin because it works with every skin type since it’s all natural.

It’s good for acne prone skin because it’s cold water, which calms the inflammation of acne. And there are no harsh chemicals going on your skin to aggravate the acne even more.
I use water from the cold tap in my bathroom to be honest. You can use cold filtered water as well if you want to be that careful but I just go for the tap water. Ain’t nobody got time to cool the filtered water haha.

The best thing is that it is absolutely FREE.

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So which one would you prefer? Comment below to let me know which works for you the best 🙂

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Take Care.
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