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7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

7 High Quality and AFFORDABLE Eyeshadow Palettes UNDER $25

Do you ever feel satisfied when you buy an eyeshadow palette for only $25 and the quality is just as good as the Sephora ones? Because that’s what makes me feel like I spent my dollaaas well! Plus when you spend most of your money on food.. you can’t just walk in Sephora and buy whatever you want. Sometimes a girl just can’t pass by an Asian takeaway and keep walking.

Anyway so here are my TOP 7 eyeshadow palettes that are super affordable and cheap. They are really pigmented, blendable and cheap! If you want to see them in action or want to see some swatches, click on the “See it in action” link below each palette.

If you’re not just satisfied with eyeshadow palettes check out 12 Ridiculously Affordable and Quality Makeup Brands. Otherwise keep on reading… (more…)

New Video: Casual & Affordable Outfits for Fall 2015

affordable and casual fall outfits

Hi my beauties! This week I put together 5 outfits for fall that you can wear to school, college, work or on random day outs! Let me know which one was your favorite and the video will be down below.

I show my outfits on Instagram, Snapchat (@lavishkrish) and Facebook all the time so make sure to follow me there 🙂


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12 Ridiculously Affordable and Quality Makeup Brands

Sometimes ain’t nobody got the money to buy an eye shadow palette for $50 so here is my list of some brands  that offer really good quality products but are also super inexpensive. I have tried and tested most of them. The others aren’t available here in Ireland but I have heard a ton of good reviews of them from YouTube beauty gurus and makeup artists. (Click on the links for more product info). Keep reading to find out my favorite cheap list… (more…)