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Product that DIMINISHED My Acne and Clogged + Enlarged Pores


All my friends and family have recently started to notice how AMAZING my skin has transformed lately.. and they’ve all been asking me how I did it.. So I thought rather than telling only my family and friends, I want to tell everyone.

If you guys know me from the beginning.. you know that when I started this blog, its sole purpose was to help anyone who is suffering from acne. I would share all my little secrets, what products helped and what didn’t help. So along the journey, I’ve found this ONE PRODUCT that took care of ALL my skin care problems including acne, clogged pores and enlarged pores. Yes.. it has managed to significantly REDUCE the size of my pores.

Here’s the product reveal and my full review so keep on reading.. (more…)

DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

DIY 100% Natural & Targeted Daily Skin Care Products

100% Natural and clean skin care products can be difficult to find especially if you have problematic skin. And if we do find some products.. they tend to be expensive.

I am the queen of DIYs when it comes to skin care. So whatever your skin type is whether it’s oily, dry or acne prone here are some great DIYs for every skin type you might need on a daily basis. For example, cleanser, toner, facial moisturizer and also body skin care products.

I used to have really bad acne, pimples and scars.. until I went ‘au natural’ with my whole skincare routine. Ever since then I haven’t turned back and my skin has never been better. Now I rarely get any pimples and if I get any scars, they disappear in less than A WEEK.

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Harsh ingredients such as methylparaben and propylene glycol are really common in skin care products these days. If you’re acne prone or sensitive, these ingredients can make your skin worse. And if you have normal skin, they can cause pre-mature aging in the long run. And we always want to keep our skin wrinkle-free for as long as we can.

So ditch your current skin care products and go on a journey of natural skin care with me.. Trust me they will transform your skin and you won’t go back.. (more…)

Discover How to Fade Facial Acne Scars in a Week

Discover How to Fade Facial Acne Scars in a Week

I used to get scars even if I didn’t pick on my pimples / acne (I know TMI) and it’s worse when you’re brown or darker skin tone because those scars just take years to disappear. At one point, I literally couldn’t step outside my house without slapping some concealer on.. that’s how insecure it made me.

So I started using all natural face masks and treatments which would help them fade away faster. But I wanted to find something that would PREVENT them in the first place. I didn’t want to deal with them at all.

One day, I stumbled upon 10 step Korean skin care routine and I was OBSESSED because if you haven’t noticed.. it’s like every Korean has the most flawless skin ever. It’s so flawless I didn’t even believe it was real. I am not exaggerating at all. So it got me wondering how do they not have ANY kind of flaw on their faces. I researched for WEEKS and watched every single Korean skin care routine there is on YouTube. And BTW, their skin care products are decades ahead in terms of the technology and ingredients they use compared to Western skin care products.

So basically, at this point I have adapted 80% of the 10 step Korean skin care routine and I literally don’t get scars anymore. If I do (around that time of the month) they disappear in LESS THAN A WEEK.

You DON’T have to adopt or change the whole skin care routine because it’s only ONE thing that saves me from all those scars.. it’s SUNSCREEN.

Discover How to Fade Facial Acne Scars in a Week

Me without makeup or any filters except a tiny bit of brightness because it was a cloudy day!



I had heard this from an aesthetician a long time ago but I didn’t pay it any attention because I thought she was just sponsoring some products. But I really should have listened to her.

She explained me that when you pick your skin or pimples, it leaves a mark. But if you don’t protect your skin with sunscreen, that mark can turn darker because of the sun’s UV rays.. just like the way you get tanned. I especially didn’t listen to her because I lived in Ireland at the time and we barely get any sun there. But even the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can affect the scars and make them darker. So as soon as I started using sunscreen, I immediately noticed I didn’t even get the scars.. even if I had a few pimples (which I rarely get now because of this skin care regime). And when I get those ‘monthly’ pimples around the jawline, the scars literally fade in a few days.

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Currently I am using Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50 but I only recommend this one for dry skin types. It’s not greasy at all but it leaves a tiny bit of sheen on the face so if you’re oily.. it might leave your face looking like a disco ball. I really like it because it sits on my desert-skin really well. It’s also my STAPLE because it doesn’t leave a white cast, it’s fragrance-free, cruelty-free and water resistant. I recommend you wear a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 on an everyday basis. As well as this, use sunscreens with a good formula that doesn’t contain too many harsh chemicals. Paula’s Choice have really high quality skin care products at a decent price.They also have other sunscreens with Matte Finish if you have oily skin. And I am not sponsored by them. This is my honest opinion! 

Watching Korean skin care routines, I’ve learnt that they highly recommend Japanese sunscreen brands such as Biore. If you want to find your perfect sunscreen, RatzillaCosme is the website for you. Because it’s literally a directory of reviews for every Korean and Japanese skin care product that is out there. It will filter out products specific to your skin type, sensitivity, ingredients etc…

Let me know if you guys want to see my full skin care routine because it has TREMENDOUSLY changed my skin for life.. and I am talking, the pimples, acne, scars, texture, pores, elasticity, plumpness etc…

Gothamista, a well known YouTuber shares videos regarding Korean skin care. She is my FAVOURITE skin care guru on YouTube! I learnt a lot from her channel.

Hope this post helped you! Share it to someone who might find this helpful <3

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#1 Best Selling Vitamin C Serum by Oz Naturals Review

#1 Best Selling Vitamin C Serum by Oz Naturals Review

I was on a hunt for a really effective Vitamin C serum on the market that can fade away some acne scars and add some life to my skin. This product is RAVED by thousands of customers and it was on sale so of course I took an advantage of the sale. It’s on sale 90% of the time by the way.

It’s 99.95% natural and cruelty free as well. And I used up the entire bottle so here’s my review. (more…)

DIY 3 NATURAL Masks to Banish Acne in 2 DAYS

DIY 3 NATURAL Masks to Banish Acne in 2 DAYS

I have struggled with acne so much and now that I’ve gotten rid of it.. I can tell you countless ways to get rid of them.

So here I am sharing my top three masks that literally banishes acne in 2 DAYS. I am sure you’ll find at least one mask out of them all that suits your skin. The first two are facial masks and the last one is a spot treatment.

They are all 100% natural made from the ingredients most likely found in the kitchen. So they’re really inexpensive as well.

My star ingredient

( It is an affiliate link but my opinion is honest!)

Let me know which one works for you x


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Effects of Soap on Your Skin | Acne, Clogged Pores, Dry Skin, Acid Mantle..

side effects of soap | acne, clogged pores, acid mantle

Soaps can increase the pH levels and destroy the acid mantle of your skin which is really damaging. This can lead to acne, clogged and large pores, dry skin etc…

If you have essentially dry skin, the effects of soap will worsen your skin.

Check out my previous posts for more insights: So when choosing a good facial cleanser, make sure it’s 100% natural or the one with safe ingredients. This will help you keep the pH levels low. I love Andalou Naturals cleansers!

Are you sure your skin is OILY? Or Dehydrated? | Diminish acne, clogged pores etc…

Acne can be caused by the absence of ACID MANTLE of our skin


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Are You Sure Your Skin is OILY? Or Dehydrated? | Diminish Acne, Clogged pores etc…

Are You Sure Your Skin is OILY? Or Dehydrated? | Diminish Acne, Clogged pores etc...

There’s a huge misconception for oily skin types and unfortunately I was also one of the victims who fell for this misconception. This is the biggest mistake people make in their skin care routine and it could be your major reason for problems like acne, blackheads, clogged and large pores.

I used to think my skin is super oily. HOWEVER, it’s the exact opposite. My skin is oily BECAUSE it’s dehydrated.

Confused? So was I.. Hopefully this post will help you make sense of this complication..! (more…)

DIY: 5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Bacteria-Free Naturally

DIY: 5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Bacteria-Free Naturally

There are more bacterial cells living on our body than our own body cells. Most of them are beneficial to us but not all. Anti-biotics kill both the good and bad bacteria which only makes it worse! However if we use the natural ways, they only kill the bad ones.
Bad bacteria grows on our skin when it’s natural pH is not balanced.
Our skin should be slightly acidic to keep the bad bacteria from flaring up acne. We all  have a protective thin layer of acid on our skin which is called acid mantleAs we grow up using soaps (which increase alkalinity) and harmful chemicals on our skin, it destroys the acid mantle.
Click on the link for more info: Acne Can Be Caused by the Absence of Acid Mantle of Our Skin
So here are some ways to balance the pH of our skin and rebuild the acid mantle.

Fun Fact: Healthy skin always have a pH of approximately 5.5
This explains why alkaline soaps and harsh cosmetics can damage our skin because their pH is always more than 7.