HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

HARLEY QUINN Halloween Look: Hair, Makeup & Costume DIY

Suicide Squad was definitely one of my favourite movies this year. And the character of Harley Quinn took it to a whole new level. Her crazy personality mixed with the passion and love for Joker took my heart away.

Her costume seems quite complicated but because it’s rugged and messy.. it’s way EASIER to recreate than it looks. The makeup is the fun part because you can make it as sexy as you want for this halloween. Read more to check it out…

Fun Fact: The original character of Harley Quinn is actually Jewish as well as bisexual. 


I have two videos for the costume. The first one is almost 40 mins long but it really goes in depth with the recreation of the costume. The second one is only 10 mins long. It shows how to recreate the costume and hair but not as detailed as the first one.

So it depends if you have time or not but I wanted to give you guys some choices here.

I searched through tons of videos and these two are my best picks. You won’t need to spend a ton of money to recreate the costume. I got you gurl!


Again.. I have two choices here for you guys. The first video is more of a “Glam Harley” look. The second video shows how to do her makeup using DOLLAR STORE products. So take your pick!

Let me know what you’re going to be this Halloween

Take Care