Are You Sure Your Skin is OILY? Or Dehydrated? | Diminish Acne, Clogged pores etc…

Are You Sure Your Skin is OILY? Or Dehydrated? | Diminish Acne, Clogged pores etc...

There’s a huge misconception for oily skin types and unfortunately I was also one of the victims who fell for this misconception. This is the biggest mistake people make in their skin care routine and it could be your major reason for problems like acne, blackheads, clogged and large pores.

I used to think my skin is super oily. HOWEVER, it’s the exact opposite. My skin is oily BECAUSE it’s dehydrated.

Confused? So was I.. Hopefully this post will help you make sense of this complication..!

I’ve recently noticed that although my skin produces a lot of oils, it also flakes and dries out. If I don’t apply a moisturizer on my face, my skin will flake for SURE. It’s that bad. But then after an hour or so, I’ll notice my face starting to become oily. So how can I just say my skin is oily..

When your skin is overly dry, it starts producing a lot of oils to make up for the dryness. It’s like your body is compensating for the desert that your skin has become (literally my skin). It took me all these years to realize this lol My skin just couldn’t be straight up about its situation and it had to be complicated. But I’ll try to take this as positive by saying “I am experiencing ‘best’ of both worlds”. Besides my oily face will hopefully keep the wrinkles away.

So my ladies with complicated skin like mine.. be strong and be positive!

How Do We Cure it?

1. Stop using any products that dries out your skin including soaps.

If possible don’t use soap at all or if you just have to you can use an ALL natural soap such as the one below. Soaps are alkaline and the natural pH of your skin should be on the acidic side to kill the bad bacteria. For more information on optimum pH of skin, check out my previous post HERE.

I am trying to find a cream or gel cleanser which is all natural and doesn’t contain any soap. So far I am finding Andalou Naturals Cleansing Milk for Dry Sensitive Skin Apricot Probiotic pretty cool.

2. Start drinking a LOT of water and cut back the salt.

Begin hydrating your body from the inside out. Just applying topical serums and lotions won’t work if your inner environment is a mess. So drink up at least 2L of water per day and stay within the recommended amount of salt per day. The recommended amount is ~1500 mg per day for adults.

FUN FACT: According to Health Canada, Canadian eat 3400 mg salt per day which is more than double the recommended intake.

I’ve learnt recently that asian takeaways contain a LOT of salt so if you’re a takeaway kinda person, be careful of what you eat.

3. Rebuild your acid mantle.

I have an entire blog post dedicated on acid mantle so you’ll definitely find your answer there. (Click on the link).

Once I find a perfect skin care routine for my newly discovered skin type, I’ll make a whole skin care routine video. Until then let me know what works for your skin if it’s complicated as well.


Take Care