New Video: How to get SLEEK Straight Hair with NO DAMAGE + BLOOPERS

How to get SLEEK Straight Hair with NO DAMAGE

I think I’ve mentioned the time when I damaged my hair up to a point where it felt like straw.. No seriously though! It was a horror. But thankfully I recovered the damage which took me YEARS by the way. And now that I’ve recovered them I don’t want to damage them ever again… BUT I still want to style them with heat whenever I want.

Now ‘heat styling’ and ‘no damage’ is like complete opposite terms but I figured a way out. So good news for you guys because I am going to share my secrets that I’ve learnt over the years and ones that no one ever mentions for some reason.. It got me thinking am I the only one who’s been through this?

Anyway after years of trial and error I came up with this routine for super sleek straightened hair and I’ve been doing it for at least 4-5 months now and I haven’t seen any damage. So I hope this helps and please read the description bar for more details <3

As always, the products I’ve used will be listed below!

Products Used:

Remington Silk Ceramic straightener |
Herbal Essence’s 7 in 1 serum |


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