Beauty Standards Around The World | One Face 7 Countries


This truly proves that beauty is a perception. What is considered beautiful in one country can be seen as a flaw in another. I found this video (linked below) on Wengie’s channel and it literally gave me a flash back of my life.

The same goes with people. Two people can find the same person really beautiful or really ugly. So if someone today thinks you’re ugly or ‘average’.. it shouldn’t affect your perception of yourself because that’s just ONE person’s opinion. There are 7 billion other people in this world. If you see yourself as God’s beautiful creation and believe it.. then no one has the power to bring you down by just saying a few bitter words.

Story Time – A Peek of my Teenage Life

When I was a teenager.. I used to get the most racist comments like ‘your skin is the color of shit’ etc.. and some people used to ask me ‘what’s that on your face’ (when I had some skin issues).. This seriously tore me from inside out and I used to think I was the ugliest girl in the world. Years passed and I was sick of thinking so bad about myself.. so I changed my perception. I literally sat down and decided to never look at myself in the mirror and say a negative word.. EVER!

As soon as I changed the way I see myself.. everyone else around me changed the way they see me as well. At this point I can say I get so many compliments from people every single day. I am not bragging here but I am trying to prove a point. I am a living proof who has gone through the experience of being the ugliest girl in school to the prettiest in college.. If someone told me when I was 15 that I was going to have a youtube channel and I would be an ‘Instagram model’ .. I would’ve laughed in their face. So that’s a small peek of my teenage years..

Please watch this video without any negativity and really grasp the message it’s trying to send <3 Thank you Wengie for this truly inspirational video x

Take Care