How to Perk Up Your Ponytail (without teasing)

perk up the ponytail without teasing

This is a really simple and super quick trick to volumize your ponytail and give it an oomph. I don’t know about you but I like my ponytil messy and perky! So here’s how you get it..


Basically, all I did was divide the ponytail in half and place a hair clip in between close to the hair tie . In the picture I used a white clip just so you can see clearly but I suggest you use a hair clip that is the same color as your hair. And if you have thin hair feel free to use a smaller hair clip. I used a bigger hair clip just because I have thicker hair.

So that’s it girls! Told you it’s super quick and easy 🙂 I hope you like this tutorial and let me know if you want more of makeup or hair or fashion posts xx

Take Care

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