7 Ways to an Adventurous and Productive Summer

7 ways to make your summer productive and adventurous

Everyone gets super excited about summer in the beginning.. but it’s after a few weeks when the boredom hits and you’re left with nothing to do! Well let me tell you this.. there are TONS of things you can do this summer and make the most of it.

If you want that adventure, fun and summer memories of bonfires on a beach then keep on reading…

1) Bucket List

7 ways to make your summer productive and adventurous

As cheesy as this sounds, you need to make a bucket list. If you don’t want that fire of excitement to die as the summer goes by and if you want to make the most of this summer then you need to make a list of things you want to do or achieve. It could be anything from changing up your closet to spending an evening on a beach under the stars with your friends.

You can even take it to the next level. Print out and put up some photos of your ideal summer on your closet or around the room where you can see it everyday. Change the atmosphere of your room and make it summer-y. Bring all your summer dresses or shorts out to wear during the hot days. This will keep your summer spirit up!

2) Get up and Go Out!

That’s right.. get yourself out there. I don’t care how embarrassing you think it is to go out by yourself and meet new people.. just DO IT! Join dance or yoga or gym or even a reading group. Whatever floats your boat! And trust me.. there will be lots of people just like you who won’t know anyone in the group so get out and sign up for something.. anything!

Last summer I joined dance classes even though I didn’t know absolutely anyone and guess what… I ended up making some really cool friends and we planned to go out that summer a lot! So you never know what happens.. That kind of mystery and not knowing what’s going to happen is what’s exciting! Don’t let your fears stop you from having your ideal summer.

3) Start a Business

You don’t need money to start a business… If that was the case people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg would never make it to the top. So this summer I designed a flyer on an online website Canva for anyone who wants to get their makeup, henna or nails done for any event. I printed out the flyer and distributed it in my area. At first nothing happened but then I started getting a lot of clients and I still make a pretty good amount of money from that!

You can start a blog or your own YouTube channel. Or if you have a talent like graphic designing, let people know in your area or on your facebook page. You can sell a product or service! Start by knowing your talents and what you can provide to the people around you. Make a list of your talents and skills.That’s how every business starts! And then find ways to let others find you or hire you for your skills.

4) Get-together

Invite all your friends to a house party and make a list of the plans you all want to do in the summer. Plans like a bonfire on the beach, going to music fests, going on road trips, hiking, biking, travelling across the country or just a day out in town.

The more people you bring together.. the more plans you’ll have in your list. It’s hilarious the type of plans some people come up with.

5) Fitness

A lot of people want to achieve that summer body but don’t want to put the effort in. Well… make some fitness goals! They don’t have to be unrealistic or something out of Victoria Secret magazine. Keep it healthy and start by taking baby steps. It will keep you consistent. I have a lot of fitness related posts. Check out my Weight Loss category for some inspiration and my experience with getting the ideal body.

Use this as an excuse to get out. Join the gym or yoga or go out for a jog!

6) Volunteer / Give back

Sign up to volunteer for something you’re passionate about. You can do it just once a week for a few hours. It’s always important to give back for all the blessings in your life. And what else is more precious than giving your time and expecting nothing in return.

Or you can set up your own charity if you want to raise funds for something  you’re passionate about!

7) Pick up a Hobby

What is it that you always wanted to do but you never had the time to start it. Painting? Dancing? Singing? Acting? Playing guitar? Well now you have all the time in the world. You don’t necessarily need money to join a class to learn a hobby. I mean.. there’s always YouTube! But if you do have the money then definitely consider joining a course or a group. Meet new people who are into the same hobby. You never know where it might lead you…

My last advice is that put all your fears and worries behind. Grab every opportunity you get! Get yourself up and out. Be a morning person. Start writing down your goals. Keep a summer diary. All it takes is a strong will and some action to achieve anything you want 🙂

I hope this post inspired you to make a memorable summer!

Let me know what you’re doing right now to make the most out of your summer <3

Take Care

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