DIY: How to Make ANY Lipstick Matte

make any lipstick matte

Matte lip products are the biggest trend right now! Thanks to Kylie Jenner this trend is really popular in the beauty industry and personally I love matte lipsticks. It reminds me of the 90’s.

Sometimes I REALLY want to buy a lip product with the perfect shade but I don’t buy it just because it’s not matte. And I have a TON of lipsticks that are beautiful but they aren’t matte so they are just hanging at the back of my drawer. But not anymore because this little tip to matt-ify ANY lipstick works wonders.

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I learnt this tip from a gorgeous YouTube Beauty guru, Alexandra. (Click on the link to check out her channel). She gives really amazing and never-heard-before tips when it comes to makeup, hair and what not.

Check out her video below where she shows how to mattify any lipstick 🙂

Do you prefer matte or glossy lipsticks?

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