Argo Naturals 100% Pure Thanaka Powder Review

argo naturals thanaka powder

Argo Naturals is a brand that sells hand-cultivated products from the “Golden Land” Myanmar. What attracted me to their brand is their organic and natural products. Not only their product is natural but their packaging is also 100% biodegradable.

Their cult product is the Thanaka Powder. which is obtained from a Burmese Thanaka Tree. This powder is an ancient beauty secret of Burma It is a new and raving discovery in the beauty industry. It’s definitely a beauty staple in the East. I recently got my hands on this product so here’s my review…

Benefits of Thanaka:

thanaka face mask

  • Contains high amount of antioxidants especially Vitamin E which protects us from UV Rays, pollution and it is intensely moisturizing.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which makes it a great beauty staple for anyone with acne, eczema or even blackheads. It also helps to reduce the production of excess oil and sebum.
  • It reverses aging and tightens the skin because of its ability to act as natural tannins
  • It fades away the scars and banishes hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone.


Personal Experience:

Well it sounds legit! So of course I had to try it out. I used it for 3 weeks as a face mask (twice per week). It comes in a wooden package with a small wooden bowl and spoon which I thought was super cute. I also LOVE their logo of the tree.

argo naturals thanaka product and wooden packageI used it as a face mask. I mixed one spoon of the powder with 4 spoons of water in the little bowl. I applied it after exfoliating my face to make the mask more effective.

The first time I used it, I found that my complexion looked brighter and radiant. I noticed better results after 3-4 uses of Thanaka. I didn’t notice any difference in any pimples I had but I did notice that my scars were fading away. It also didn’t dry out my skin like some face masks do.


  • Faded my scars
  • Brightened my complexion
  • Hydrates my skin


  • It is pricey but the amount of product you get, it will last you more than 3-4 months.

My Rating: 

Let me know if you have tried it out in the comments below!

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