Easy and Quick Back-to-School Hairstyles (Heatless)

Back-to-School Heatless hairstyles

I literally get 3 mins to do my hair on most days when I have early lectures in college. But of course, we still want to look our best.

So here I am with some inspiring hairstyles that are super quick, easy and heat-less. Now that is a bonus! No one got time to straighten or curl hair in the morning.

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Pinned-Back Bangs

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Perky Ponytails

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Easy Hairstyle & Beauty Quick and easy hairstyle I can do in the morning when I have no time to get ready! Great for people with long and/or curly hair!

Knot staart

Beautiful Braids

The awesome thing about today's messy updos is that they are perfect for babywearing -- they're quick, easy, and forgiving of little wandering hands. This messy-braid bun is awesome: cute and casual for moms who have less time but no less style.

 The side bang braid  Even MORE if you click the image! design-concept

Diy quick easy hairstyles

20 5-Minute Hairdos That Will Transform Your Morning Routine via Brit + Co.

great quick every day hairstyle for long or medium length hair - fishtail braid, half up half down

That’s all the inspiration I could gather! I hope you enjoyed this post.

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