Miraculous Skin and Health Benefits of Sesame Oil (An Ancient Remedy)

Sesame Oil is known as “til” oil in India where Ayurveda (ancient Indian medical system)  comes from.
It is known as the queen of oils in Asia, Africa and the Middle East because of its countless benefits to humans.
If you are looking for an ultimate oil to add in your beauty regime then this is it!
Some legends, tales are told in which sesame seeds represent a symbol of immortality.
In recent experiments by Ayurvedic physician from Holland, this oil has been used to treat migraines, hepatitis and diabetes.
It has also been proved that sesame oil can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in human bodies.
Read more to find out its miraculous properties…

History of Sesame Oil:

This oil was discovered and cultivated in the oldest civilization of India (Indus Valley) about 5000 years ago.
In many countries, it is considered as a sacred oil. People use it in rituals and ceremonies.

Around 600 BC, Assyrian communities used this oil as a salve, medicine and to flavor food.
It was also used as a massaging oil because it can penetrate through skin easily providing nourishment and detox.

Skin Benefits of Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E , iron, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, dietary fiber and phenolic antioxidants.
All the nutrients to make our skin better are found in this oil.
In addition, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

The picture below summarizes its benefits..
For an in-depth summary of the skin benefits, read this article by Sesame Oil for Skin website.

Skin benefits of sesame oil

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil:

  • It lowers the glucose levels in hypertensive diabetics
  • It contains peptides than can lower high blood pressure
  • In ancient times, its oil was used as a mouthwash to whiten and strengthen teeth, improve the health of gums, prevent tooth decay and halitosis. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it reduces the growth of oral plaque. The modern term for this process is called ‘oil pulling’


  • It consists of 2 dozen pharmacologically beneficial active properties which contributes to improving cardiovascular health
  • It can strengthen the bones, joints and muscles because of its ability to deeply penetrate into muscles and bone marrow. This is why in India, toddlers are massaged with this oil before bath so they can grow strong and healthy
  • It is excellent for hair because it stimulates hair growth, controls dandruff, nourishes scalp and hair, kills lice and eases anxiety/fatigue. Indian women use either sesame oil or coconut oil to massage their scalp and nourish their hair


  • It grants Vranashodhana which means it can heal internal and external wounds
  • It grants agni janana which means augmenting the power of digestion and metabolism
  • And it grants medha janana which means enhancing intelligence.
  • It treats rheumatism


  • Regular dosage of sesame oil or seeds can help fight cancer with its anti-oxidant properties
  • It supports our respiratory system
  • Massaging its oil onto the feel and scalp can promote healthy sleep patterns

I have recently bought Emile Noel’s Organic Virgin Sesame oil because it is organic and cold-pressed.

I have been using it to in my hair by massaging it in my scalp and applying it to my hair once every week.
I also tried the ‘oil pulling’ method I talked about earlier to whiten my teeth because I have heard it worked out for so many people and some even said that the oil pulling improved their skin conditions.
But as I said I only bought this recently so I can’t really tell you how well it worked for me but I will do a post about it in future to update you guys.

If you want to include it in your diet, cook your food with sesame oil instead. Or you can add some of its seeds on your bread. You can even look up some recipes online to make an everyday snack from its seeds.
My mum usually includes sesame seeds in our daily Indian cuisine so I don’t need to make special snacks of them.

Let me know how you will include it in your daily beauty regime and diet 🙂
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Take Care.
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