DIY Day and Night Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Eyes creams that actually do what they say on the packaging are usually expensive.
And drugstore ones never seem to work.
So… make your own one and make it work for you.

You won’t have to spend crazy amount of money and the ingredients are so EFFECTIVE for dark circles or puffy eyes.
You will wake up looking like a sunshine and super fresh 🙂
So get your pots and pans ready 😉

This DIY is shown in the videos below from one of my favorite YouTube Beauty Guru LisaPullano.

She makes lots of DIY videos on her channel for beauty and arts/crafts.
So definitely check her out 🙂
This video is the eye gel for dark circles / puffy eyes

This video is for the day and night eye cream.
Let me know if you have a secret eye cream remedy 🙂

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Take Care.
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