10 Quick Ways to De-Stress and Increase Your Productivity

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After a long day of hard work and sweat… all we want to do is just relax and spend some quality time. 
This quality time is really important because if your stress builds up through days.. you’ll explode! Yup… people just explode, not literally though. 
Some people take it all out by aggression or anxiety or depression.  
A recent survey from St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. found out that problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are financial problems or family problems.
Do you ever have the days when you come back from work and you just find yourself arguing for hours with your hubby? Well… that’s your first sign that you should de-stress yourself! 
If you don’t have a lot of time after work you can still find some methods of relaxation where you can let your mind wander somewhere in paradise in the comfort of your own home…

Take a Bath
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It is simple and doesn’t have to take an hour.
Make it fun. Put on a candle. Use some of the Lush Bath Bombs. They are safe on skin and smell SO good. 
Bring a book or some music with you. 
I love reading some classic books like Jane Eyre!
Make a playlist of songs to listen when you take a bath. 
Choose the songs that you can relate with and bring back some memories.
For me, Sundress by Landon Austin brings back a LOT of memories from the past summers.
Pamper Yourself
Put on a face mask.
I love applying greek yoghurt on my face. It makes your skin super soft and supple. And it is easy!
Give yourself a pedi/mani
Give a face/scalp massage to circulate blood and stimulate goodness.
Fact: Scalp massages stimulate hair growth much faster.
Paint your nails.
Put on a hair mask. 
I love applying some coconut oil in my hair, massaging the scalp with it.
It makes my hair strong, long and thick!
Make it a Spa-Day.
Read a Book
Read the ones that tell you a story rather than biographies. 
Whenever I read a book, I imagine every dialogue, every situation and every character. 
It’s like playing a movie in your head.
Choose the topics you are interested in.
I like mystery and thrillers so right now I am reading Jane Eyre.
It’s pretty good so far but I have to keep a dictionary beside me!
I LOVE its story and the setting.

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Find out what genre you like.. adventure.. thriller.. romance.. comedy etc.
  Read under a tree if you like.
Write a diary.
Write what happened throughout your day.
Reflect back on your day and the things you had to deal with.
Anything strange happened? Anyone new you met? Your boss was mad? You saw something that made you think and relate to?
Write it all down!
Make your own journal and make it a daily thing where you capture your thoughts.
Capture your memories of day-to-day life.
One day you’ll look back and laugh at all those silly things 🙂
  Talk to an old Friend
Sometimes catching up with some people who were a huge part of your life before can turn out really interesting.
Recently, I am hanging out with this girl from my high school and it just reminded me how similar we are and how we always got along in everything
We always have something to talk about and it’s always fun with her.
It is amazing to walk down the memory lane and just open up with someone so close to you.
  Walk in Nature
Just drive to a beautiful park or garden and walk there.
You’ll be amazed what nature can do.
While you’re walking, don’t think about what you are going to do tomorrow.
Just be in the moment.
Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Watch the sunset. 
A walk in nature is the best therapy!
When I was a young-teen, I was new in Ireland.
I didn’t know how to speak English so I used to just stay home and draw.
It was my way of expressing my feelings. 
It was my way to stop myself from missing my home back in India.
And it worked!
I have a folder full of drawings and sketches.
Every time I look back at them I always think how I have changed so much in just a few years.
You don’t have to be an artist. Just pour down your feelings on a canvas!
Although you’ll get better at it with time and practice.
Watch Friends
It’s funny.
It’s classic.
This show will always put a smile on your face no matter how bad a day you had!
You’ll be surprised when you know the Beauty Benefits of Meditation.
It’s a great way to empty your mind and let go of the past.
Do your Hobby
Flash back to when you were a kid.
What was that thing you always did besides crying and eating?
Was it playing a sport? Guitar? Car Racing? Exploring?
Whatever it was.. do it now!
Your child-self knows better of your likes and dislikes.
As we get older, it becomes complicated.
We have to pick a hobby that can pay us well.
So go back in time and do the thing you loved!
It always turns out to be fun 🙂
Take Care.
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