DIY: 3 Ways to Make 100% Natural Homemade Shaving Cream / Oil / Gel


One way to tackle razor burns and dry skin is to use natural shaving creams.
They lessen the chances of getting razor burns because they are chemical-free and so non-irritant on skin.

These will never make your skin feel like a dry desert because they condition your skin as well.
It is an epic shaving gel. How can you turn away from that!

Let your hubby/boyfriend try it out and see how they like it… They are the best judges in this case 🙂
So let’s get to it…

To see the DIY part of each shaving cream click on the source under each picture xx

1) Moisturizing Shaving Cream for Dry-desert-like Skin.
Source: MommyPotamus
2) No-Fuss Shaving Oil

I call it no-fuss because you literally need only 1 ingredient.

3) Shaving Gel for Sensitive Razor-burn-prone Skin

Let me know which worked the best for you 🙂

Take Care

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