DIY: 25 Ways to Flower-ed Hairstyles


Who needs to wait for weddings to rock some flowers in our hair…
Summer is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to be a little hippie.
Honestly, I find it really attractive Smile
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1) Braid some front sections of your hair and add some blossom-y flowers. Simple and Elegant!
2) Tiny cute flowers with some waterfall curls
3) I think this is more feathery than flowers but still cute and summer-ish enough
4) The girl in the picture looks like Nina Dobrev from the back but I love this twist in the bun haha
5)  Low bun and flowers on the side. Definitely a wedding hairstyle but we can make it casual…. right?
6) The red flowers are so beautiful with the ribbon
7) Low ponytail with a twist! The elegancy…
8) This hairstyle is so in this year!
9) Again.. the red flowers are just so vibrant!
10. Definitely reminds me of Rapunzel! If you can do this Email me!
11. So effortless and easy. I love the tiny flowers
12. A simple headband on a french crown braid!
13. YUS to a braid and a huge flower. Perfect combo
14. Same theme except it’s a hippie braid on the forehead
15. Perfect for the evening beach walks or dates Winking smile
16. I love this combination of flowers and fishtail!
17. You can add colourful flowers to make it more of a summer hairstyle than a wedding one.
18. Again… one word… Rapunzel! and Fairy tale-ish
19. The purple flowers are so majestic!
20. White flowers always evoke a feeling of elegancy
21. Use the flower ribbon as a third strand of the braid and Voila!
22. Half crown braid with beautiful Taylor-Swift-like curls
23. Dutch braid and Colorful flowers Smile
24. Definitely wearable on the Beach Days Out.
25. I LOVE the flower-band
I hope you all are SO excited for this summer.
The picture below defines me very well!

Take Care. 
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