DIY: 100% Natural Toner for Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

Drugstore Toners can be really harmful on skin since they contain alcohols which irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin.
And who wants to spend tons of money on High-end toners when you can make it at home and is much more effective.

This type of skin especially in summer days can get inflamed when you spend a lot of time outdoors. What you need is a homemade, refreshing toner to calm your skin from the heat.

Your skin will look so radiant and it will help soothe the inflamed acne.
It is also really good for sunburns and while you’re tanning on a beach, you can just spray it all over yourself to cool down.

Besides it smells really good too 😉 You’ll thank me when you meet a hot guy on the beach!!

All You Need is:
Rose Water
Lavender Essential Oil

  • Take 40-50ml of Rose water and transfer it into a spray bottle.
  • Add in 13-15 drops of Lavender Essential oil and shake the bottle to mix it up.
  • Remember to shake the bottle before spraying!

And that’s it… 2 ingredient and 3 steps. It’s so easy to make yet so effective for summers.

 The Brands I Used:
Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater
Absolute Aroma’s Lavender Essential Oil


I carry this spray bottle with me every time I go out.
I spray it all over myself a few times whenever I can and OMG it smells good!

When I come back home and look at myself in the mirror my skin is literally glowing. Not like oily glowing but more like radiant-glowing.

And it feels good whenever its hot outside!
It’s like eating a cold ice pop on a hot summer day haha 😉


I wish you a fun, happy summer! Mine have just started…
Take Care.

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