DIY: 10 Morning Breakfasts for Healthy Skin, Hair and Body (School / Work Edition)


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but also the most ignored one… Why? Because most of us are in hurry and we don’t have time to stop, sit and eat. And some of us gets lazy (that’s clearly me!).

A study from Tel Aviv University found that dieters who ate a big breakfast and a small dinner lost 240% more weight than others in the study who had a big dinner and a small breakfast.

Did you know it literally means the meal that “breaks the fast.” I wonder how I never figured that one out :/
It is especially important to eat breakfast if you are trying to lose weight or to be fit.

Why is it so Important?

  • It boosts our metabolism. When we sleep for a LOT of hours our metabolic rate decreases and so we need to eat breakfast to boost it up. It will break down more fat and calories if you eat the morning meal than when you don’t. It’s like turning the engine on which makes us lose weight. How cool is that!
  • It increases our concentration power and also boosts our brain activity. So next time you don’t eat breakfast and fall asleep in the lectures… you know the problem! According to the American Dietetic Association, children who ate their breakfast perform better in the classroom and in the playground.
  • Studies show that it lowers our cholesterol level in the long run. 
  • It keeps the mood swings off. Generally people are in a much better mood if they eat their morning meal with gratitude. Food is always the solutions 🙂

So now you know. Let’s get to the what-to-eat-when-you-are-in-a-hurry part…

1. Grab a Fruit – Takes 30 seconds

Either banana, apple, plums, peaches etc… whatever you favorite fruit just grab it and eat it on the way to your destination. I most likely grab peaches because they are my favorite.

2. Chocolate Honey Oatmeal – Takes 2 minutes

It even sounds delicious. It tastes ever better. So all you do is take some of that chocolate syrup about 1 tbsp. Then mix it with some milk. Heat up the milk to your preference. And add a handful of oats. Although if you want to make it sweeter you can add 1 tbsp of honey. On those mornings when I want to have something sweet but healthy… this is what I make. I know the syrup is not good but hey it’s only 1 spoon 🙂 If you don’t want the chocolate you can use 2 tbsp of honey instead to make it super healthy. It is SO YUMMY!

3. Eggs – Time depends on how you cook it!

I like boiled eggs because I can use put them in a pan to let it boil for 15 mins. Meanwhile I can do my makeup in that time frame and then I come back to my favorite part.. eat them!
You can also make an omelet if you have extra 5 mins. Because eggs have a lot of protein, I think they are the best for breakfast.

4. Granola – Takes 3 mins

Its literally just adding things in a bowl and eating it. I like adding yogurt and berries with my granola. You can add in dry fruits like walnuts and almonds. Change it up everyday and be artsy with it… Although make sure when you buy your granola. Some of them have a lot of added sugar, flavorings, preservatives and all that nasty stuff. That’s not healthy for a morning meal. Look for labels like no artificial sweeteners and flavors.

5. Shakes – 5 mins

Add any of your favorite fruit with milk in a blender and you have a quick shake. I like adding banana because they are naturally sweet so I don’t need to add anything else and it is much quicker. These shakes are like eating and drinking at the same time. You can use strawberries instead and add in a hint of vanilla essence. This could be your protein shake of the day since it is milk based.

6. Smoothies – 5 mins

Grab all your favorite fruits and them em’ in a blender. Change up your recipe every day and experiment it. My favorite smoothie recipe is a bunch of grapes + an apple + a bunch of blueberries = smoothie with a hint of delicious. You can make it more interesting by adding in tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples, papayas etc… If you make them you will feel like you are sitting on a tropical beach wearing a hoola skirt. I hope I am not the only one with that feeling ~.~

7. Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich – 3 mins

As weird as it sounds, it is just as yummy. So take wholemeal bread (you can toast it as well) and spread some peanut butter in it. Cut up a banana and add the slices on top. It super quick and super good. Make sure the peanut butter is the natural and healthy kind without any artificial sweeteners. As long as it doesn’t have anything artificial in it… its healthy!

8. Avocados on Toast – 3 mins

Avocados on Toast with Ricotta
Toast some break. Spread some ricotta cheese on it and top it off with some sliced avocados. Who knew you could give a twist like this to a toast. The days of classy butter and toast are gone I guess 🙁

9. Cinnamon Sandwich – 3 mins

Take a wholemeal bread or toast. Spread some almond butter on and top it off with some sprinkles of cinnamon. Spices in the morning can also help boost up your metabolism. So keep your hands on this one if you are trying to lose weight.

10. Yoghurt with a twist – 2 mins

Grab some dry fruits or berries or chia seeds or everything and throw it in your bowl of yogurt. Create your very own yogurt twist. Yogurt is also a great metabolism booster.
Even though you only have 5 mins in the morning to eat, you can easily have your breakfast now with any of the recipes above. Honestly I rarely skip it because I get SUPER hungry every morning so I can’t skin it even if I wanted to.

Let me know if you have your own Breakfast recipes in the comments below Smile

Take Care.