My Top 15 Summer Outfits 2014

Summer is just around the corner and we need a new closet and who doesn’t like shopping.

If you are planning on the same thing we need some inspiration. So when the summer is here all we have to do is put on that Little Floral Dress on the beach or on the festivals and Have a Blast!!!

1. Tucked in T-shirt + Skirt + Belt = Cuteness overload!
2. Asymmetrical skirts paired with a cropped top. Perfect flow-y outfit topped with a floral headband.
3. Oversized top paired with shorts are perfect for chilly summer night Winking smile
4. Laced tops always looks pretty on girls and especially if paired with a pastel skirt.
5. I love this edgy sexy look with a twist of plaid-ness and over-sized pockets. The scarf headband pulls the whole outfit together!
6. Plain tank tops and Striped skirts are the new trends.
7. A long skirt paired with a laced crop top = Cute Elegance!
8. If you are on your way to a summer party, this is perfect and sexy! I am so into the floral prints <3
9. There is a strange elegance about thin and flow-y skirts. They are a must for summer!
10. Edgy vest with shorts by Anna.
11. Lovin’ the beautiful colours of the sea with shoulder-off top by Anna.
12. Neon asymmetrical skirts are the bomb!
13. Laced top + Shorts = WOW!
14.  Flow-y cropped tops are so in with laced shorts.
15. This literally reminds me of Hawaii with the feather-y accessories and tank tops <3
Summertime in hawaii: cut off shorts,  bandeau, drapey tank top

Make the Best of Summer 2014. Love you All!!! 

Take Care

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