My Top 15 Spring/Summer/Boho Hairstyles for Medium-Long Hair


I absolutely LOVE having long hair and that’s why my hair have never been above my waist for the last 10 years.. i know its crazy haha. I am sorry if any of you have short hair because this post won’t be much of a help 🙁

BUT for the ladies with long locks let me show you the trendy hairstyles of this year.
And if you want to find how to recreate any of the hairstyles, I am pretty sure you can find hundreds of videos on YouTube.

I literally LIVE on YouTube nowadays.

1. Perky Pony by Lilith Moon
Why didn't I think of this? -__- love, but forget the last step; make tiny braids instead, so they flow through the tail

2. Boho Chic
Sweet Summer Hairstyle Tutorial | hairstyles tutorial

3. Curly Waterfalls
wedding Hairstyles With Braids And Curls | Summer Hairstyles for Woman

4. Braided Headband
Cute, easy, fast summer hairstyles for summer

5. Twisty Messy-Do
cute messy summer hairstyle - 99 Hairstyles Ideas

6. Classy Beach Waves
The saltwater and beach air will take care of your summer hairstyle.

7. Flowered Braid
Try this standout summer hairstyle...

8. Side-Braid with a Twist by Lilith Moon
15 Video Hairstyle Tutorials By Lilith Moon

9. Messy Side Braid
15 Hairstyles Style Boho-Chic - Fashion Diva Design
10. Messy Fishtail Braid
Boho fishtail braid. Pin courtesy of
11. Scarfed Half up Half down
12. Boho Headband
Boho hair
13. Hippie Chic
Boho hair......GAH! i cant wait till my hair grows out!
14. Cross Braid
boho hair. Cute for bridesmaid hair
15. Half Fishtail
Braids: Fishtailing it // follow the link for an easy tutorial!
Hope you all found some inspiration and summer spirit Smile
Summer 2014 is going to be EPIC!!!
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