DIY: 6 Ways to Banish Oily Skin Naturally

Hey Girls! Hope you are all having a beautiful spring weekend 🙂
I have always been blessed with oily skin *sarcasm* so I feel y’all who have it too. 
BUT one thing I like is that the girls with oily skin will definitely look younger than they are in their olden days because their skin will be nourished with sebum. Whereas dry skin will may cause early wrinkles.
So I found this video on YouTube from Tracy Raftl and she used to be an “acne sufferer” so she has some REALLY amazing videos on her channel all about skin and natural beauty. 
She is so inspiring and I can totally relate to her in some ways. 
Her video is linked below. 
I hope it helps you all. 
Don’t hate your oily skin but learn to control and accept it because oily skin has its own perks 🙂 

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” ~ Bob Marley

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