How Visualization Helps to Manifest Anything You Want

It is said that our subconscious mind cannot differ what is real and what is imaginary. So if you are visualizing something now, our subconscious mind alerts the conscious mind to bring that vision into reality by taking relevant actions.
Our subconcious mind knows a LOT more than we realize. Sometimes we think that we forgot this or that but in reality every information is stored in our subconscious mind. We just don’t know how to tap in there… YET!

Have you ever heard that we only use 10% of our brain? Well… 90% of the rest is our subconscious mind. This part of our brain allows us humans to do and access much more than you can even imagine…
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Science Behind Visualization:

You must have heard that while studying, pictures or images help us memorize things better than words.
Well it works the same for our mind. Whatever we picture-ize helps our brain to manifest it better than words do.

So what is the mind-body connection? The mental form of our mind is Emotion. Emotions produce feelings and feelings produce physical sensations (e.g. watch a scary movie, get frightened, get goose bumps). So visualizing helps our brain to produce these emotions and physical sensations manifesting them into reality.

Celebrities Who Use Visualization to Achieve Success:

Jim Carrey: grew up in poor conditions but always used to visualize himself as an actor. He’d imagine directors coming up to him to hire him as an actor.

Ryan Reynolds: in preparation for his role in Blade Trinity he visualized himself with a muscular body and abs. His workout trainer taught him the visualization technique. “He showed me how important the process of visualization is. Visualizing the transformation I had to make, I believe was key to making it happen. With this information, I began training as though preparing for the Olympics.”

Tiger Woods: was taught this technique by his father Earl. He imagines exactly where he wants the golf ball to stop and today he is the most successful golf player in the world.

Arnold Shwarzenegger: visualized what it would be like to win the title of Mr. Universe and he acted as if he already won it. After a few years, he actually won the title.

How to Visualize:

Now that I have proved it’s not just some hocus pocus thing let’s consider how we can use it for ourselves…
  1. Find a quiet place. Like meditation, you need to focus on what you are going to visualize. Distractions will only make your images blurry in mind.
  2. Imagine as a first person in present tense. For example: you want to get a nice car. Imagine yourself sitting in this car and FEEL the emotions of being there and feel the steering wheel in your hands and see only the car. Imagine yourself IN the goal not reaching for your goal.
  3. Use your senses of taste it, smell it, feel it in your body, hear the sounds, see the image. Use as many senses as you can while visualizing. This will make it more believable for your brain to manifest it into reality.
  4. Create a vision board or a collage of pictures on your computer which you can see constantly throughout your day. Whatever my goal is, I always look up relevant images of it on Google and set it as my desktop background. You can draw or paint it if you are an artistic person. You can make a diary of pictures and carry it with you everywhere. Just BE CREATIVE!
  5. Use props! For example if you want money, write yourself a check and imagine your boss giving you this check as a promotion or something. Jim Carrey wrote himself a check of 10 million dollars. He dated it a few years in advance and wrote “for acting services rendered.” A few months later he got a check of 10 million dollars from a director of his movie “Dumb and Dumber.”
  6. Be Persistent! Visualize several times a day. Don’t make it just a once-off thing. This won’t help your subconscious mind to materialize it. I especially visualize before sleeping because just before sleeping our mind collects a lot of “messages” to work on.    
  7. Feel as many emotions as you can while visualizing. Intensify each and every feeling. This will create that physical sensation.
  8. Visualize ONLY the achievement of goal. Don’t bother imagining the whole process of how you are going to achieve your goal because that will limit the possibilities of the different ways you can achieve. And it will be a lot for your brain to take in!
  9. FEELKNOW and TRUST that it will work! Without these 3 words, you can visualize as much as you want but you ain’t gettin’ anything.

Personal Experience:

I visualized myself getting amaaazing grades in my final year of high-school. I used to imagine myself open THE letter and being super happy about the grades I get. I felt every emotion that I would feel if I got above 80% average. I created a document which recorded my final year grades and set it as my desktop background.  
Eventually, I didn’t get 80% …………….. I GOT 83% !!! Yup that’s how much of a geek I am haha.
Remember when you were a child you used to have imaginary friends and played pretend… Well be that child now. Who said you have to grow up 🙂

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Einstein 

Take Care.

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