DIY: 100% Natural De-Frizz Hair Wax / Hair Relaxer

A major problem for girls with curly hair is THE FRIZZ!
Its suuuuper annoying and most of us look for the products to prevent it but none of them seem to work.
Well guess what.. I found one and it is 100% natural so you don’t have to damage your hair with chemicals.
I have been using this hair wax for years.. literally and I have no idea why did I not post this before.
Here is another post on: Quick Natural Tip for Frizzy Hair That Promotes Hair Growth As Well
But anyway here it is so click on to read more…

My hair is not REALLY curly but its not straight either but this wax works for every type of curlies 🙂
You can see my hair texture below (ignore my disinterest in the photo). And no I didn’t style my hair in any way. That is how my hair really turns out after every wash.

All you need: 
1 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tbsp cocoa butter

Now the cocoa butter can vary. If you have more curly hair than I do then you can put more cocoa butter. So the curlier (if that’s even a word) your hair, the more cocoa butter you use.
If you have the same texture as mine, you can use these amounts.

  • So put the ingredients in a bowl and heat it up until they melt.
  • Mix up the ingredients with a spoon and transfer it in a jar or in my case a lip balm container because I have to use very little and it is compact enough to take it in a bag. 
  • I then put the container in a fridge and keep in there for 30 mins. 
  • It should look like below. It melts with the warmth of you fingers 🙂
This can also be used as a lip balm because it really is moisturizing and when you put it on it looks like you have lipgloss on because it gives a beautiful shine.
Hope you all find this helpful. Take Care.
Do you have any secret recipes to share?