DIY: Super Moisturizing Multi-purpose Lip Balm for Dry-Chapped Lips

Researchers recently stated that women who use lip products regularly consume an average of 24 Mg of Lipstick daily. The amount may seen too little but the toxins like Lead are too dangerous even in trace amounts.

These chemicals usually develop cancer and of course we want to avoid that. So here is a recipe for Organic Edible Lip Balm which will not only nourish your lips but will also keep you alive.

If you are someone try your best to avoid cancer then read more to adapt Organic ways

All You Need: 

1/2 tsp pure Coconut Oil
1/2 tsp pure Cocoa butter

  1. Mix both ingredients
  2. Warm up the mixture in microwave
  3. Store it in a container
  4. Put the container in a cool place so it solidifies
  5. Apply overnight 
  6. Wake up with beautiful moisturized lip
Both ingredients are well- known for their amazing moisturizing properties. And people use it not only on their skin but also on their hair. They just slather it wherever they feel the dryness. 
Coconut is also said to be sun-protective. I am not sure about this but it can be considered as a positive feature too. It will keep those cancer-causing UV rays away so don’t worry you are so NOT getting cancer.
You can also use this as a moisturizer for your cuticles or even better… when you get those flyways on your hair, this is perfect to tame them down. Because coconut oil make your hair grow faster you can also use it on the tips of your hair to prevent split ends and give them some length faster
Let me know how this works on your lips.. or hair or cuticles 🙂
Take Care.