DIY: Natural Ingredient which Benefits Hair, Skin AND Nails


This ingredient is an all-in-one beneficial for hair, skin and nails. So the next you go to a drugstore to buy vitamins because this natural ingredient does a little better than the chemical ones.

Our skin, hair and nails show our inner health. If you have no time to take care of them separately, then this is perfect way for you to maintain them all at once.

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All the healthy stuff lies in Flax Seeds (also called linseeds)!
These seeds have been cultivated for more than 7000 years. They contain many essential fatty acids (EFA) including Omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids help in the healing process of our skin.

Lack of these EFAs can cause dry and brittle hair and nails. The skin appears puffy and dull. Their intake reduces ageing and other age related symptoms.


Flax seeds are said to be VERY effective skin healers. Because Omega 3 can heal any skin ailment.

It is an ultimate edible cosmetic. It keeps your skin young, attractive, fair, spotless and radiant.

According to Dr Jeffrey, these seeds protect your skin by preventing everyday irritants from entering skin pores. They also have anti-inflammatory properties which can heal red or itchy skin.

This way it treats acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and even skin tumours.



Flax is nature’s miraculous ingredient for hair. It is a secret to long, strong, shiny and healthy hair. It prevents the pre-mature greying of hair.

Flax also consists of lignan which has antifungal properties. So the regular flax eaters never develop dandruff.

Omega 3 are required to make anti-inflammatory hormones. So they are essential for healthy skin, scalp and sebum production.

Our nails primarily act as indicators if we have any heath issues. Their examination usually help doctors identify illnesses or nutrient deficiencies.

Flax seeds contain almost ALL the nutrients that are needed for healthy nails. Eating these seeds regularly can help maintain strong, pink and spotless nails.

How to include Flax Seeds in diet?


Even 1 tbsp of these seeds are enough for the day.

Although it would be weird to eat a spoonful of these seeds alone because… its just weird I guess. But you can go ahead if you really like the idea of it. The taste isn’t too bad though.

You can add them to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning. You can sprinkle some on baked stuff like muffins.

My mum makes them in an Indian way. She usually roasts them to make them a little more crunchier. And she adds some salt to it. You can get an online recipe. It literally takes 2 mins to cook this.

I eat about 2 or 3 tbsp every day. I eat more than 1 tbsp just because I love the taste of roasted seeds. So eat up your delicious vitamins from today and eat them regularly to look and feel healthy inside and out!

Take Care.