DIY: Brighten Your Complexion Instantly and Naturally with a Miraculous Face Mask


We all want that radiant glow to our skin when we wake up every morning.

Do you ever wonder how all the actresses/ models on TV have a beautiful glow even though they use tons of makeup every single day on their skin? Well I do…

And when I wake up every morning, I don’t want a heart attack of having a huge zit on my face especially when I am expecting to see someone special Winking smile 

So if you want to avoid that horror as well then follow these steps…

I wear makeup on most days and so my skin needs some oomph and some care. Because putting on makeup on zits make them more visible and who wants that.

We all want to look like we have flawless skin naturally. Well trust me now you don’t have to fake it with tons of makeup and look like an oompa loompa :/

When I used to have acne, I used to pile on makeup UNTIL I learned some secrets from famous celebrities and models. But I only adapted to the natural ones and so here is one.

The secret to this face mask is Turmeric!!

Legends of Turmeric:
turmeric ali
It originates from the Sub-Himalayan areas and also grows in tropical areas. I think most Himalayan herbs are precious. They have a LOT of benefits. Seriously… most herbs I studied of having amazing benefits for skin are from Himalaya.

This fruit of nature is an orange-yellowish colour and beware because it can stain your clothes and sometimes even if you use Vanish it doesn’t come out.

This plant actually have no seeds… Interesting much!! I wonder how they reproduce then Confused smile
This spice is known as the Golden Spice of India. Its actually true!! I don’t think you can name an Indian recipe without this spice included in it. An Indian family without turmeric is like a body without soul… too much exaggeration maybe…

In India, at the time of wedding, the bride and groom get this turmeric paste applied on their face and body to give them a glowing healthy complexion so they look their best in the photographs. This is actually done in a special ceremony along with music and yummy food! This is one of my favourite ceremonies. You are literally pampered with all the skin care stuff!!

The Good Stuff it Gives to Humans:

UntitledTurmeric is a known antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent.

It is taken in some Asian countries as a dietary supplement, which helps in stomach problems and other ailments. This helps my mum who is in her early 40s and is kinda lazy to exercise much. It helps her to maintain weight.

Turmeric stimulates digestion, supports the liver, and reduces intestinal permeability. And this improves any skin condition internally.

Just a few grams of turmeric per day either in the form of powder, crushed root or fresh root can provide enough nutrients to help you keep away from anaemia, neuritis, memory disorders and offer protection against cancers, infectious diseases, high blood pressure and strokes.

Applying turmeric paste to skin helps reduce acne and other skin related problems. It is also has been known to be helpful in treating psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. This spice should be every teenager’s dream!


Ayurveda, the Indian Medical System documents turmeric as an antiseptic and antibacterial. It has been used for its medicinal value since 1900 BC in India.

Ok enough of the random facts… Lets get to the point and I shall show you how to make the face mask to use it effectively!

All You Need:

Turmeric & Yoghurt Face Mask

1/2 tsp Turmeric
2 tsp Plain Yoghurt

  1. Mix them well.
  2. Wash your face and neck with warm water to open up the pores
  3. Apply the mask
  4. Leave it on for 15-20 mins
  5. Wash it off with plain cold water
  6. Notice the radiant glow… the most important part! Smile

Let me know if you know any other benefits of Turmeric and how this mask works out for you Smile

Take Care.