DIY: 10 Back to School Arts & Crafts for Organization


When we start school, everything is perfectly organized but then when we are almost at the end of a semester everything is a mess!

I start my year with a pretty organized pencil case and then by the end there are highlighter stains on it… most pens are missing… I lose things and can’t find them… I get in trouble at school for losing copies and what not!

This happened to me A LOT in my 7th grade but I learnt some things on my high school journey!
So here are some cute easy-to-make DIYs…

Just click each the link to check out the full DIY 🙂

1) Drawer Dividers


To keep things separate in categories… this is your friend 🙂
All you need is cardboard for this and it literally takes minutes to make it! You can even decorate and glue the dividers with some pretty paper or tape.
2) Faux Storage Books


These books look SO cute on a shelf. It does the 2in1 job: Its a decorative piece for your bedroom AND it stores things! How cool is that!
This is made out of cardboard too so you don’t need any fancy materials except decorative paper. But they are really inexpensive.
3) Cardboard Drawers

drawers 013

You can build a small drawer and put it on your dressing table to store things like bobby pins… brushes… hair bands etc 
OR you can store stationary items and put it on your study table.
4) Drawer Cart Up-do

drawers on wheelstitle

If you have a drawer cart like this and you want it prettify (its actually a real word) it then all you need it glue and decorative paper!!
5) Key Holder


During my high school years I have lost countless keys literally and I hated it!! 
Then I made this thing with a photo frame and decorative pieces and some hooks. 
You can print a quote and stick it on with glue. It did make a difference to be honest.
Instead of the faux roses, you can use ribbons and bows or anything you want Smile
I am sorry I don’t have a full DIY link but I hoep you’ll get the basic idea from the picture above!!

Here’s another option for making a key holder above.
6) School make-up clutch / Pencil Case


This cute and small clutch is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your bag and you still want to carry a little make-up.
In my high school, when the bell rang for lunch all the girls would run to the bathroom to blot their make up. 
Some girls would even use their lipsticks to write on the toilet doors!! It was terrible!!
7) Organize Hair Scrunchies


Don’t you just hate it when you lose them during emergency bad-hair days.
Well you can make it small enough to fit it in your bag or the clutch shown above. It looks really chic and cute and it is SO inexpensive.
Choose you own ribbons or you can even personalize it Smile

8) Cute Pen Holder


The picture above shows forks stored in the can because it is supposed to be for birthday parties BUT you can use the same thing to store pens!! Who said you can’t be creative with it!!
You can put it in your locker for those days when you lose all your pens which happened a LOT with me!!
Or you can put it on your study table and store your stationary.


You can also check out my version of a pen holder. All you  need is lollipop sticks and glue. Full DIY HERE.
All you need is pretty paper and a shoe box!! You can put them in your wardrobe for scarves/ gloves or any other accessories.
This is my favourite DIY of all just because it is SO easy, inexpensive and the cutest!!
I don’t think you guys would even need to see the steps on how to make this cute bookmark!! But I still linked it just to give some credit to the website where this genius idea was born!!
Let me know if you guys like to see more of Arts & Crafts ideas because I know I don’t post them too often Smile
And also which one are you planning to make?
Take Care.