Unknown Natural Beauty Secrets from Victoria Secret Models

Victoria Secret Models are taking over the Beauty and Fashion world! In many of their interviews where they shared their beauty secrets, I noticed that most of them shared 100% Natural ways to pamper themselves. They may represent their makeup brand but when it comes to taking care of their outer appearance, they take the Natural Approach. No wonder their skin glows its health!
Read more to find out the things they do in their everyday lives that you may have never heard of before…

Miranda Kerr

Kerr is the most popular VS Model. And her beauty secrets are my favourite of all.

1) Noni Juice
She swears by this thing. She has mentioned it in most of her Beauty interviews. She drinks this juice everyday every morning. Although she says it doesn’t taste as pleasant but she also reveals that it is her biggest skin, hair and body secret. Basically its an all-in-one package. Yes it is 100% natural remedy btw.
This miraculous fruit comes from India actually. I didn’t know about it even if I was born there. But the true knowledge of this fruit was lost through the centuries. In ancient India, the princesses drank this juice too for their outer appearance. In 20th century, the scientists found this fruit again and it became popular in several countries.
I have a whole difference post on Noni Juice and it miraculous benefits. Click the link below if you want to know its Beauty secrets Smile
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2) Goji Berries
Kerr eats this fruit most days during her breakfast. This fruit is like an all-round medicine for her health and skin. It has been consistently used in the Chinese medicine. It contains high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin A and C. It has 21 difference trace minerals and high fibre too. It is basically the father of all the berries known so far. It is good for the immune system, eyesight and for most organs of the body.
I am so going to buy this when I first find out where to buy them from because I don’t this they are available in supermarkets of Ireland.

3) Exfoliation
A few days before the models have their runways shows, most of them suggested that they do an all over body exfoliation.
There are 2 types of exfoliators such as chemical and mechanical. Personally I prefer mechanical, because they also massage your whole body and improve blood circulation. My favourite type of body exfoliation is Dry Brushing. This exfoliation is also great for skin and body organs. Click on the link for more details.
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4) Yoga
Yoga is something that is an essential tool for any person that enters this glamorous world. It is because yoga balances out their mental health, general health and also improves their outer appearance. One of the main workouts of VS models is actually yoga. Now you are probably wondering since when is Yoga a workout. But to be honest it is WAY better than any workouts.
Physical workouts only provide toning of muscles and a good outer appearance. However, yoga helps internal organs, your brain to function effectively, keep the stress out and the list goes on… You can YouTube this and find your perfect yoga workout depending on your body. Not only models have adapted to it but also actors and actresses to maintain their outer looks. Namaste!
I bet you never heard them before. But if you have let me know in the comments below if you have more details Smile
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