DIY: 100% Natural Leave-in-Conditioner to Grow Hair Length and Prevent Hair Loss


Long hair is becoming the new trend in the industry now. But why use chemicals when you can do it naturally and more effectively.

This remedy can promote hair growth, prevent hair breakage and strengthen hair. I am totally in love with this thing. Its like magic in a spray bottle Smile
Read more to give that magic to your hair…

 The Secret of this remedy is Rosemary Leaves !!
Yup you heard it right. And it is very inexpensive. You can find them easily in any Asian Grocery store or health store.

Legends of Rosemary Herb:

Rosemary herb is also known as the “brain herb” because it also stimulates mental activity. plainwhite

It is the most oldest and respected herb available in the modern times.

The Romans literally worshipped this herb and thought it was a gift from the Gods! Well it really is!!

This is a very cool but strange fact: Rosemary is believed by some alchemists, although not scientifically proven, that the proper rosemary formulas attract elves, fairies and other good energies to your abode. Unbelievable right?

Cunningham suggested to use rosemary herbs to kick out some jealousy, excel in job interviews and for general house and office purification and cleansing. It sounds pretty sacred stuff huh.

Nowadays you can even buy Rosemary herbal tea. I don’t know if its gonna taste like poison but I do know that its pretty good for almost all your internal organs like liver, kidneys, heart etc…

I even heard a Legend of Rosemary Herb:
The legend is that that during a period of plague a band of thieves robbed the sick houses without catching the disease. How did that happen since the disease was really contagious?
Rosemary essential oilWell it seems that the robbers prevented the deadly disease by drinking a medicinal vinegar that included rosemary, lavender, sage and other bacteria killing herbs and additives.  Ever since that legend was discovered, people have been making and drinking herbal vinegars.

So does that mean that this vinegar-mix is a natural anti-biotic? Who knows but it does kill a lot of bacteria better than the chemicals!
Rosemary is a REALLY good stimulant on hair follicles. This causes the faster hair growth. It is also known to help darken the grey hair.
So if you use rosemary in your hair regularly, it will prevent hair ageing in future. Whoa! Now who doesn’t want that!
It prevents pre-mature baldness, dandruff and dry hair. What can’t this herb do!
Although if you have light blond hair and you don’t want them to get 1 or 2 shade darker then you shouldn’t try this remedy.
All You Need:
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2 Tbsp Rosemary Leaves
1 cup warm water (NOT hot water because it will strip all the notations away from the herb)

  1. Pour the water in a container and then put the leaves in. Leave this mix to steep overnight.
  2. When you wake up in the morning, simply separate the leaves and water. Store the water in a spray bottle and you are good to go Smile 
  3. So next time when you wash your hair, you can spray this herbal water on your hair when it is 70% dry. Just use it as a leave-in-conditioner!
  4. Spray generous amount on the scalp and hair and let it do the magic Winking smile

It doesn’t have any odour so that’s ok. Let me know how this remedy works on your hair in the comments below Smile

Take Care.