How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World

Hi Girls! Today’s post is not about beauty or hair tips and tricks.
Today’s post is about Carol Cook and her new Book. She is a very talented author. Her book is called “How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World” which is published just recently.

I was very interested in this book because personally, I am a true feminist.
It doesn’t mean I am against the whole male population being dominant but I like the style of being a feminine woman and hence I love dressing up, doing make-up or hair.
I love reading about the Japanese tradition of Geishas and how they played a HUGE part in ancient Japan.
I especially love reading about women who came from a difficult past but became immortal in our history. Their life stories have always been inspiring to me. I learnt a lot from them and that’s why I am looking forward to this book VERY eagerly. So I wanted to give her book a try.

I found the cover page really interesting too because the woman in the picture is wearing bangles on her hand and a saree I think (which is Indian Clothing). I could be wrong but that was my first impression of the cover. Therefore I am SO excited to read this. I can’t wait when I get this book and I will definitely do a review on it soon.

Here is the website: 
Its definitely worth a try in my opinion. I am so ecstatic about the book and the stories of these 8 women.

Let me know your opinion if you have read it 🙂

Take Care.