Another 100% Natural Tip for Dark Circles

Hey Guys! I know it has been 4 WEEKS and I haven’t done a single post. But to be honest guys, I have been going through tough times 🙁 Its just one of those bad times in life. It sucks but I think I am learning a lot from this journey so I guess life is sweet 🙂

For the past few days, I have been reading BubzBeauty’s Diary Entries and they were SO inspiring. I mean she talks about the problems she used to have with people and in her high school and reading that makes me feel like I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. You know!! I really recommend people to read her diary entries. Trust me they are REALLY helpful. I have been home for 2 weeks and I haven’t even stepped outside my house but reading her life stories makes me less depressing 🙂
I might also start doing diary entries of my high school days and how I dealt with problems I had.

Okay I don’t want to bore you guys so back to the topic!!
I got a sweetest email from my Blog Reader. Her name is Sumedha and she gave me a REALLY good tip for dark circles. If you are reading this Sumedha, thank you so much for this. I will definitely try it out and post the results in another Blogpost.
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So this is part of her email >>

“now m using dabur almond oil ..its good for skin and also helps get rid of dark circles”

I never thought almond oil can help in dark circles but then I thought why not.

If you are pregnant, do NOT even touch almond oil.
If you are allergic to nuts, again do NOT touch it.
Make Sure you use SWEET almond oil, since the bitter almond oil is VERY dangerous for health.                    

Why is it good for Dark Circles?

I think we all know this. It has Vitamin E and K which helps eliminate the darkness and moisturises those bags underneath.

How do I apply it?

Well you take some almond oil on fingers and APPLY it. jk haha
Take some oil and warm it up by rubbing between your fingers. I will post a picture below of the way you should massage this oil under eyes. This will help to remove excess fluid gathered under eyes which makes the eye bags.

So these are the directions you should apply the oil. 
I use this massaging technique most times before going to sleep and I can actually notice difference under my eyes. 
I suggest you to apply this before going sleep 🙂
Let me know if you have already tried this out and how it worked for you!
And if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I shall reply 🙂
Take Care.