Quick Natural Tip for Frizzy Hair That Promotes Hair Growth As Well

I use this trick most of the times in winter. My hair looks great when I am in the house but as soon I leave the house in freezing cold weather and reach school, my hair has already turned into a frizz ball. So to avoid this MAJOR life problem please continue reading and find out what I do NATURALLY to tame the frizz…

All You Need:

Coconut Oil
Moroccan Oil
I wash my hair as usual and the next morning when I am about to go school, I take about a dollop of Coconut oil and apply to the lengths of my hair.
My hair is naturally curly and dry so this tip works the BEST for me.
If you have straight and oily hair, you can use Moroccan oil instead of coconut oil.
I have heard many YouTube beauty gurus use Moroccan oil as an anti-frizz serum and they rave about it so much.

Coconut oil makes my hair look healthy shiny.
It promotes hair growth and that is why I have really long hair.
When people ask me about how I grow my hair so long, I tell them Coconut oil is the only way.
I will post a photo of me below and you can see the length of my hair. In the picture I have coconut oil on so you can go ahead and judge if it looks too oily or healthy shiny.

Let me know what you think of the tip and your experience 🙂

Take Care.