DIY: Pen Holder

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Many of you probably have done this in kindergarten but this idea was new to me and its so cute.
So Lets get started :-

All You Need is:
PVA Glue/ Any Liquid Glue
A Box without the top
Ruler/ Pen/ Scissors/ Sticky Tape
Pom Poms (Optional)

   1) Make a box like this of get a ready made one. This is 10×10 cm.                                                      
   2) Line up the popsicles as shown and draw a line at the bottom using a ruler and marker.
3) Take each popsicle and cut where the line was drawn. Try to keep them all of an even size.
4) Take the popsicles and spread some glue on one side. Stick them on the the box. And do them all the way around the box and you can stick the pom poms. And Finally you are done 🙂
Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx