DIY: 4 Ways to Beat Frizz All Winter Long

4 naturals ways to beat frizz all winter long

When your hair becomes frizzy, it means that your hair needs moisture and that its dry/damaged. So  the dry hair tries to pull moisture from the air to compensate for what it’s lacking. And no one likes a frizz ball so here are 4 natural and effective ways to beat the frizz during winter.

1) Hair Masks

Always use a hair mask everytime after or before washing your hair. I have some great DIY hair masks that will transform your hair like you just had a blow dry at the salon 😉 Below I have linked some of the DIY hair mask remedies that will add moisture and beat the frizz.

You can leave these masks on overnight and then wash your hair in morning for quicker results.
How to Stop Hair Breakage Naturally!

2) Leave-In

After you have washed your hair, salon experts strongly recommend to apply a leave-in condition on damp hair. I have used organic coconut oil as a leave in conditioner because it is natural, it locks and provides moisture and it will make your hair grow faster.

Below is the pic of my hair. I want to show you the length because only a year ago they were upto my shoulders and now they are below my waist. This is how my hair usually looks like after applying the coconut oil.

Depending on the length of your hair, take some of the oil and apply it normally like a serum and distribute it evenly with your fingers. You can use a wide tooth comb to distribute the oil.

 3) Natural & Smooth Curls

DO NOT blow dry your hair in winter especially. This will make it even more dry and frizzy. Let them air dry. If you can’t deal with the frizz after drying them, do some pin curls or put in some rollers. This will give your hair volume and it will smooth down the frizz.

Take one strand at a time, comb it and secure it up with a roller or make a pin curl. Below is a tutorial for the pin curls 🙂

4) Weird Tip

For the curly heads like me this tip might be weird but it works REALLY well. So after you have washed your hair and when it is almost dry, comb your hair through and wet it again in the sink. Don’t dunk your head in the sink but just with your hands slightly wet your hair with cold water while combing the hair with your fingers at the same time. Let your hair air dry again and I swear this tames down my frizz. I don’t know how this works but it does. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Check out my blog post on DIY: Get Voluminous Lustrous Hair for my hair tips.
Let me know what works for you xx
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